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Hunting for me, like for all true hunters, has always been a spiritual affair. A time to walk alone through the wildlands and find balance, both outside and in. The stresses of living in our society, bills, business and demands upon our time, pale and fade. Deadlines, so important the day before, though still unmet, fall away, leaving me cleansed and heartened. This has been what hunting means to me and, I want to believe, to many others.
Perhaps this will all help to put into perspective a little incident that occurred when I was recently back in Saskatoon to visit family. I'd slipped into a sporting goods store to purchase an item or two, and while I was standing in front of a rack of gear, I heard voices talking in a different aisle. My name was mentioned, which I admit caught my attention, and then the three voices proceeded to regurgitate rumor after rumor. I apologize for eavesdropping, for in that I have sinned, but frankly I was dumfounded.
In my hunting, I've honestly tried to follow every rule to the letter of the law, to the point of paranoia. Those who know me will tell you that, and yet these three voices were destroying everything I've worked for, and they were doing it in front of my very own ears! Standing in that sporting goods store, listening to those three character assassins accuse me of everything from driving a Chev to sneaking into the queen's bedroom was one of the hardest things I've ever done!
At first I was upset and then angry. I wanted to have a personal chat with the guy who seemed to be the ringleader of the group, but that was only at first. As they yakked on about the stories they'd heard about "Jim Shockey" and the big buck he "bought, poached, picked up, stole and found in the ditch (depending on the version each guy heard), I realized that I was paying a personal price for sticking my head up and writing about my hunts. And when I realized that, I also recalled the rumors I'd heard in past years about other successful hunters who were lucky enough to take good bucks. Rumors that were totally unfounded, yet rampant, started by people who wanted to discredit the fortunate and mostly hard working hunter.
Just as suddenly, as I stood there listening to the voices, I felt a pang of regret, I'd been part of the rumor mill in the past. Upon occasion, I had passed on gossip about this or that hunter, unsubstantiated rumors that lived one mouth longer because of my insensitivity. In the past, I'd been just as guilty as the three who were enjoying their afternoon gossip session, and I felt sorry for that. Standing there, I vowed that I would never again be a part of such a hurtful pastime.
Unfortunately, it took my being the focus of the rumors to realize that gossip has no place in hunting.
It has no place at all.

-Jim Shockey, Big Buck Magazine, Summer 2002


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1. "RE: Gossip"

This is a lesson to everyone who uses this fourm, I hope we all learn something from it! Bill


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05:49 PM (MST)
2. "RE: Gossip"

I agree if you know absolutely about a particular thing you probably have no place to extend critisism. Therefore if it does not affect you then keep it that way. It is our jobs not only as hunters but as respectful humans to not pass on negative info on people unless we seen something first hand and even at that if it has no relevance it is not worth bringing up.


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06:53 PM (MST)
3. "RE: Gossip"


Later Yall!!!!


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4. "RE: Gossip"

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Isn't it strange & how turned around things seem to get when you are the one being talked about.....As Humans we are too quick to judge another, espically when we are passing judgement on a person whom we do not know personally,only hearsay!.....Mr. Jim Shockey, you have just jumped levels up in my book, not that you were ever very far down......BCBOY....GREAT POST and thanks for passing it on....a lesson for all of us SPORTMAN to live by...some of you may recall this in my bio if you have every looked at it. "Never sit and judge one, until you yourself has been judged"....Dwayne


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5. "RE: Gossip"

when the gossiping person has nothing to lose, they spout off. When the tables turned they end up learning what the old saying "Discretion is the better part of Valor" really means........all of us should try not to gossip or bad mouth any of our fellow hunting brothers/sisters. It does nothing but fuel the fire of the anti's.......... Allen Taylor......


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6. "RE: Gossip"

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i know how you feel, when moseley took his elk last year we were on state land. I had called the rancher and gotten his ok to hunt his private land even though we knew the elk were on state ground. we wonted to be able to follow them if nessasary but they were right where we expected them on state ground. mose got the bull, then a taxadermist we know showed up with a client and was mad that we got to the elk before him. if he would have scouted them as hard as we did he could have secceded too. later my cousen heard him telling people we didn't have permission to hunt there, which we did and it was also state land and we didn't need any he was just upset that a kid and a old man out hunted him.i never took the rancher the game coupon because it was state land and it rightfully go's back to the state. if i'm not willing to give the coupon to the rancher wrongfully i wouldn't wrongfully trespass i'm into P&Y club for that reason ethics and winning the battle of the hunt without cheeting i know one taxadermist that wont get my work



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