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Model 700 ADL 270
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08:40 PM (MST)
"Model 700 ADL 270"

This is a nice Remington 270 rifle. It has been well taken care of. It does have a few minor scratches but nothing too bad. It has had less than a hundred rounds through it. Have taken it out of the case each year and fired 3 rounds to make sure it is still sighted in before the deer hunt, and then it goes back in its case afterwards. Has a tasco scope mounted on it, cheap scope but has never been out of alinement. My Wife has been hunting with it for the last few years.

Don't know how to upload pictures but have some if interested

$ 365 firm

Tooele Utah


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05:18 PM (MST)
1. "RE: Model 700 ADL 270"

Definitely interested but would like to see the pics...

To upload pics, click the link that says 'Click here to upload your photo'



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