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The worst deer drag "PIC'S"
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12:45 PM (MST)
"The worst deer drag "PIC'S""

We hunted E. Montana this last hunting season.
Usually we are able to drive in to our spot. If we get a deer the lay of the land usually allows us to get pretty close with the pick-up. Not Ed's buck!!
This year it had snowed and was in the process of melting. Each night it would freeze the ground hard and by noon it was a muddy, sloppy, gumbo mess.
I got my buck high up on one of the ridge tops and was able to follow the ridge out, staying out of the mud. Not Ed.
It was late afternoon on one of the last days of our hunt. We were walking around the hill you see when we spotted a deer running accross the flat toward us. The closer he got we could see it was a buck. Ed says if he get close enough he's coming home with us. The buck dropped into a draw and we thought we lost him. A few minutes later he popped up in front of us and down into the draw right in front. When he comes out he's done for. The wind was at our backs but we thought we were up high enough we wouldn't wind us. He did!! And didn't come out where we expected. I'm sure he just froze and tried to locate us.
He finally doubled back the way he came. Running up the side of the draw, he stood on the flat less than 100 yards away. Ed shot...a good hit..You know what happened next....the deer dove back into the draw, kicked...slid... kicked some more and here's how we found him.

We had to dig him out from under the rock and pull him up on a flat rock to dress.

Here's Ed holding his buck.

Ed dressed his buck while I walked, actually clawed and slipped my way to the top to find out how to get out of there.
Here's a picture looking back down into the draw. Ed is in the lower right.

It was dark by the time we got to the truck.
From shot to truck was about four hours. We were muddy and whipped!! We definatly worked for that one.
Here's a picture I threw in for all the bird hunters out there.
This was next to the road on the way out from the ranch house.
Thirteen rooster's!! oh... and a few hens sprinkeled in.

One more I thought you'd like. A prairie elk.
This is Tom, owner of the Rancher's Bar and the elk he waited 30 years to draw a tag for. The hair was almost like wool. Not like the elk around here in Western Wa.
The bulls bases took two hands to get around.

We love it back there and can't wait for our next deer tag.


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Bura Nut
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09:50 AM (MST)
1. "RE: The worst deer drag "PIC'S""

Tally, I hunted Ft. Peck back around 1986 and remember the Gumbo real well......that was a tough pack/slip/fall/clean your boots trek back to the truck. great pictures........ Thanks, Allen Taylor......


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10:26 AM (MST)
2. "RE: The worst deer drag "PIC'S""

something simular happeded to me back in 93 up in the Hoeback, except it was a land slide of rock that covered the buck it took me two hours to find the deer........


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01:21 AM (MST)
3. "RE: The worst deer drag "PIC'S""

It was one muddy mess. I can't think of a deer we worked harded



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