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"DeerKing / Info / warped sense of humor"


Greetings from the land of no mule deer, really, only dead ones that have made the long trip back from somewhere else. I liked your
poem, but being a used to was coon hunter, (too old, too fat, too much a lot of things, maybe smart even)I can relate. After midnight
things just seem to loosen up a bit. I posted on the general hunting board asking for some information on a drop camp hunt for
elk. A fine upstanding poster said hey ask the DeerKing on the mule deer board, so being an agreeable sort I'm asking. As I posted there A buddy and I want to make the big trip to the mountains this fall, might even want to shoot or at least shoot at an elk. We're pretty proficient at the white tail game, and not too afraid of the dark, and actually know north from south as long as it is morning or evening and the sun is shining. Other than that hey I know what they look like and know they live in numerous western states. That's about it though (real darn heavy to drag too!). I've talked to one outfitter that a friend of a friend hunted with several times and actually killed a couple of elk. Sounded like a great guy, but didn't sound real remote, sounded like you might have a good bit of company. Not what I'm looking for. I'd like to find an outfitter who'll pack us into a remote camp that's set up, check on us during the week and pack out anything we might happen to harvest (or bring replacement night light fuel)if we should be so lucky. I'd really,really like someone who wouldn't forget us, who would come back and get us in the same year and make sure we make it back to the airport on time. I hate being an inexperienced rookie at anything, but as I stated I know squat about hunting the west and would like to put together a good trip. don't have to kill something to have fun, but hey that's the reason you hunt for the opportunity to harvest.
I'm sure you get a zillion requests from people all looking for the secret spot. I'm not looking for that just for some information on some good hard working people that might be able to provide what we're looking for. We are budeting $2500 or so apiece for the hunt (including airfare) are we in the ball park or are we outside on the street looking in? Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. My email is and my phone is 260-463-2490. Again good poem,




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