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CAN I bring up the ReelTree topic again ?
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11:48 PM (MST)
"CAN I bring up the ReelTree topic again ?"

LAST EDITED ON Dec-27-03 AT 11:49 PM (MST)

So, Osok is a Cyber bud, I went to to see what it was All about. I didn't go in Kicking like he did (Although I laughed at his posts, But I'm warped, Sorry).

Anyways, I liked the Guys there and I post on ALOT of sites So I started posting and Got hooked like I did to this Awsome place !!

Anyways, I'm guesing it might be gone soon, But even a normal Post by Me gets me in trouble... PLEASE sopmeone tell me (Because I trust your Opiniopns *GIGGLE GIGGLE* if I was in the wrong. Thanx in Advance !!

Read on :

Hey Worthless NUT...

I will have to SAY thats A DAM, DAM fine HAT your
boy is wearing in that picture. Heck, I need to get
me one of them. I like the Way it stands out, The
color, Etc... I like the Orange, Looks like it adds a
good deal of Safety and Yet still sends a Message
to the people that see the hat, I can't quiet figure
out what it says, BUt It's cool !!!!

Ohhh.. BTW It's a good buck too ;)


moosie your a real dandy !!!! this forum was a nice place until you and your little buddies think your cool causing trouble .. you think you almighty hunter cause you live out west well I hate to tell you that I bet 90% of the realtree forum members could hunt just as well as you if they lived out west and had the resources you have .. you would think a person in your shoes would be helpful to others and could be educational but no you come in here thinking your gods gift to hunting and everything else .. I dont know about the others but I think your a ****** and a bad influence on hunting !!! and as far as me getting booted for voicing my opionion about you at this time I could care less I'm loosing interest in this forum everytime I see you and your friends post and personally cant see how others can stand you guys and moderators didnt put a stop to this awhile ago !! until lately these realtree forums ROCKED!! and by the way I think that hat stands out as much as you doing a hand stand over your deer ...


LMAO! Yup, us Western boys figure we're the "BEST HUNTERS IN THE WORLD", you pegged us right. This was the best forum in the whole World Wide Web and we gone done an' ruined it. That was our whole goal. Our plan is working. Soon we will take over the WholeWorld and stop the evil whitey hunters from ever talking again. HA HA HA (Evil voice)!
I see nothing that we've done that can be taken so offensively. Did the phrase, "dinky dog deer" hurt your little feelings? Get a spine man! Lighten up! And as Moosie would say, "Have a POP!"

{Addct2hntng }

bcboy you think we all that stupid? If people read all your mumbo jumbo here and at MM and think you and moosie arn't full of crap and full of yourselfs then I guess I dont fit in here ... I do know this everytime I step in the woods I enjoy myself and the hunt and take on every challenge I have been involved in . I will continue to enjoy it and continue enjoy talking and bsing with fellow sportsman people like you are a waste of time and space . I'm not going to watse my time with you no more and im sure if you and your attitudes and respect level continue Im sure several others and I will skip our visit to the realtree forums ... you and moosie better have a pop because with your childish attitudes drinking a beer would get your arse kicked at most saloons or camp fires !!!


Uhhhhh.. WOOOOW !! HAHA !!!

Before you get to Wound up, Can I say something ? I'll even Type Slowly so you can read it.

Nut is an Admin on my Board too, I would never disrespect him (Although If I did make a Joke He wouldn't Cry like a baby about it) I've been hunting with him in the Past and He's a Greeat guy that would do what he could for ya !! Heck, He even Films Rocks well (Inside Joke, Sorry) :p

I wasn't Disrespecting ANYONE by that post. It's MY HAT..... marketing MY Website.. I was Only trying to MAke a "FUNNY". Sorry you didn't "CATCH" that.... I figured I'd clear it up.

If you read any of my posts I won't claim to be much of a Hunter, ******, I ain't even Killed a big DEER yet. I'm still learning..

If I said ANYTHING else Wrong, Please let me know. If you come Back with that Attitude again, I'm gonig to have to Punch ya in the mouth.

To everyone else.. Sorry for the interuption... Keep posting DEER pics, I've enjoyed them all !!!

<*> -Moosie

~~If you're going to walk on thin ice, Ya might as Well DANCE !!
WALK the TALK, Or shut the HECK UP !!


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00:29 AM (MST)
1. "RE: CAN I bring up the ReelTree topic again ?"

Moosie the distinguished gentleman strikes again.



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00:42 AM (MST)
2. "RE: CAN I bring up the ReelTree topic again ?"

I don't want Anyone to go Over and Stir Any Crap. Not that I'm one to talk, or hav ethe Athority to say anything, But That post was a Misunderstanding for a Change (Although a DAM funny one to me !!) I think who ever went over after Osok and went overboard was Probably nuked, and Whoever didn't cause to much grief wasn't and The Dust is Settled.

Anyways, Like on Alot of Boards, there is some Good Guys and BAd guys, and Even the Bad guys are Good if ya ever get to know them. Just like here, I've talked with a Few that I like.

Remember when I first came over here ? I entered like a typhoon in the General Section and This place Went NUTZ !!!! I had to Call "FOUNDER" to let him know who I wass !! HEHE.. It took a Bit and then Some people realised I wasn't all that bad, Well, Some still don't like me But they can.. Uhhh Welll... What I meant was

Anyways, I'm not trying to Ruine Good started topics. I can do that in my Own posts I start I think We should Get together and Find a PETA board to register on and post I think Osok's Idea was Right just Handled a bit wrong. Just me thinking, But I'm not one to organise anything cool like that.

<*> -Moosie

~~If you're going to walk on thin ice, Ya might as Well DANCE !!
WALK the TALK, Or shut the HECK UP !!


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02:39 PM (MST)
3. "RE: CAN I bring up the ReelTree topic again ?"

Atta boy! That'll teach 'em a lesson they shouldn't soon forget. LMAO



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