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UT Youth elk - private land options?

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"UT Youth elk - private land options?"

My 13 yr old drew a youth bull elk tag for Sept 17 - 25 on the general season units here in UT. Pretty excited about this hunt. We have been scouting since early July, trail cams are out, watching a few ok bulls and waiting for the big boys to show up with the cows/calves. The thought occurred to me (albeit late) that I ought to see if anyone has any private property or knows of a landowner with non-CWMU enlisted property that would allow a 13 yr old to hunt their property. Needs to be in a general/any bull unit (NON-LE)obviously. Would be willing to pay a trespass fee even. If you know of anything to let a kid have an even better chance of a good to better bull, please PM me.

Figured it was worth a shot to look into here. If nothing, we will hold to our current public land plans and make that happen! After all, it's just a couple weeks out! Can't wait!

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