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Disabled Veteran Elk Hunt 2017
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12:58 PM (MST)
"Disabled Veteran Elk Hunt 2017"

Hello Guys,
I'm with Freedom Hunter's a Non-profit organization that takes out combat wounded veterans on hunting, fishing and sporting adventures.
I am looking at some Special Big Game Tags for Idaho for moose and Elk that were able to obtain for these veterans. They are not OTC or Controlled hunts but additional special tags just for Disabled Veterans. I have a group of guys(3) that want to hunt Moose and (4) veterans that wish to hunt Elk. I have hunted cow elk in unit 55-56 on a Private ranch which we have permission to hunt but I want to see what area has the best opportunity for these deserving veterans to harvest.
I am in the process of trying to get some horses for a pack in hunt for 2017 and want to start early and see what we can find for these veterans. I want them to harvest some great bulls. If anybody has a location for a unit we should apply for please let me know. I would like an area that has a vast population of bulls for these guys to all harvest. They don't have to be the biggest horns but would like some good bulls for these guys to take home as a Thank You for their service.
we have received some great sponsors to help us with this hunt and we're looking forward to making it a success. We are still looking for several more veterans to go with us on these hunts and it will probably be a Televised hunt with our organization. So any help on the units for Elk and Moose would help greatly and Thank You guys and gals for any info.

James Hamilton
Freedom Hunter's
Outreach Coordinator (West Coast)

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04:47 AM (MST)
1. "RE: Disabled Veteran Elk Hunt 2017"

Thank you for what you are doing for our veterans

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