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Colorado unit 44, 15, 35 ,36, 45 info

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" Colorado unit 44, 15, 35 ,36, 45 info"

If you have a Colorado unit 44 tag I may be able to help!
I'm quite familar with unit 44 as well as unit(15,35,36, 45) I've
hunted these units the past few years as well as tagged along with other hunters! I was there (44) on a 227" buck in 02 and a 182"
4-point in 04. I've scouted the unit both before the season as well
post season! Last year I took a heavy antlered 4X4 in unit 15. PICS
available! Of couse it's usually tough to find a real giant, but if
you've never hunted these areas before, knowing where to look is very helpful! This year I did not draw a tag! Of course these units
are sold out! I'm either looking for a new hunt or a voucher in
return! Tell me what you have! e-mail me" target="_blank"> for
more details!

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