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" and Black Diamond"

Be careful. About 4 years ago I bought my first trekking poles from I touted the same model to some friends and they each purchased a pair. The last pair being purchased at least a year or two after I purchased mine. The model was called Syncro Elliptic.

Early this year, I noticed the tips were worn down on my poles. I went to purchase new tips. They usually run less than $10. I discovered that the poles, according to Black Diamond, had been discontinued for at least 10 years and parts were not available. They "very nicely" offered to replace some sections of the poles to update them at a cost that would just about equal the price of a new set. How convenient, and certainly good for business but not for the consumer. The warranty guy at Black Diamond kept using the word "anomaly" to describe the situation where I was stuck with perfectly good poles that you couldn't get simple replacement parts for.

I talked to a service rep at about the situation and they said they would get right on it and discuss it with a Supervisor. Yes, nothing happened. I would be careful before buying something from or from Black Diamond. Based on my experience, you may get the "shaft" from both companies.


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