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"Danner Boots"

I just received my new pair of Danner 1000gram thinsulate boots. They are the Pronghorn model. I had some cabelas points to burn so I figured that a couple pairs of boots for this upcoming hunting season would be good. I've been wearing them the last two days at work to try to begin to break them in. I work in construction, and I am on my feet all day long. The boots are comfortable out of the box, but they do need some breaking in. The fit is just right, and they feel pretty good on my feet. The only thing that I've noticed is that the insole that comes with the boot is a little uncomfortable. I am getting a pair of SuperFeet insoles tomorrow. I will be using them in the Sierras in 2 weeks, and then in Colorado next month. I will let everyone know how they work/feel after each of my hunts. Anyone else have or had these boots? BTW, I am new to Monster Muleys and this is my first post. Thanks.

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1. "RE: Danner Boots"

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Welcome to the forum jawa. I've got a pair, but I haven't had need of em yet as its generally been warm and relatively snowless. I've been wearing my Danner jackal II's as they are much lighter and uninsulated. Danners stopped makein em in the states and guys aren't as keen on em as they used to be, but I have no complaints. I've had em 2 seasons. Always a good plan wearin em before season like you are and I've always got some moleskin with me on a hunt just in case. Good luck this fall, what part of colorado will you be huntin next month?

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