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Camo - C4E & First Lite review
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"Camo - C4E & First Lite review"

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Use both on a 10 day elk hunt in NM

C4E - The cut and fit are really good. Lots of freadom of movement. All positive points. Down side is you will sweat like a pig. This camo material is horrible. Overall I would not recommend this camo. I am going to try and dump this camo on Ebay. Horrible stuff. You will smell worse than 10 day dead pig after the first 15 minutes. I had buzzards chasing me everywhere I went. I could hear them saying "smells dead, but is still moving".

First Lite - nothing but good things to say about it. If you can afford it, get it. Top notch camo. It kept me warm in 50 degree weather when completely wet and was nice and cool when the temps hit 90. Cut and fit were great.

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