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Torrent Jacket/Pant (Rain Gear)
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"Torrent Jacket/Pant (Rain Gear)"

Core4Element I believe has now gone out of business, unless another company has taken it over, so this gear may be limited.

I didn't actually seek out and buy this jacket and pant. It was donated by Core4Element for the 2015 Big Buck and Big Bull Contests that they sponsored, but because of sizing issues and them closing up shop, I had to replace this as a giveaway. So then I was left with the option of either selling it or keeping it. Obviously, I opted to keep the gear and I'm happy I did.

I've made use of both the jacket and pant a few times in the last couple months. The real test was on a 12 hour shed hunting day in-which it rained, snowed, hailed and the wind roared for a good portion of the day.

First of all, the combo (jacket and pant) weigh in at just under 2.5 lbs., and they compress well to stuff in a pack while not using. They're well made in my opinion. I've hiked through some thick oakbrush with confidence.

One downside I found is that like most rain gear, I sweated when hiking hard with the gear on and felt a little wet at times. Both the pant and jacket have plenty of ventilation zippers, but I did sweat some.

In the past, I've used lightweight Frogg Toggs rain gear, because it's very lightweight, but that stuff isn't fully waterproof and it does tear when it gets caught on something. I think for 1-2 day summer backpack trips when chance of rain is less than 50%, I'll probably stick with the lightweight Frogg Toggs, but for 50% or great chance of rain and for hunting trips, I'll have this gear with me. It might be double the weight of Frogg Toggs, but for sure more dependable. 2.5 lbs. isn't bad at all. And, it's fairly quiet material, so one could even bowhunt with this gear on.

I'm not sure how the gear compares price wise to competitors. Right now the combo is about $250.00 at BlackOvis.

Brian Latturner
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1. "RE: Torrent Jacket/Pant (Rain Gear)"

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I have the Torrent Jacket as well. I agree w Founder's review that it is quiet compared to most other fully waterproof fabrics. It is also durable. Hood, pockets, cuffs, hem are all well-constructed. Pit zips are large. I sweat less in this than a bonded fleece like Rivers West. For my CO summer scouting, backpacking and hunting, the Torrent is all the rain jacket I want or need, and it can fit in a cargo pocket on my pants. It is just the right weight for an every day outer layer in Sept; when it cools off early and late, and when Monsoon rains are a fact of life.

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