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Hillenberg Nallo 2 man Tent
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"Hillenberg Nallo 2 man Tent"

Thought you guys would like to see what one of our Editors said about this tent...MAN I WANT ONE!

Overall 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Hillenberg Nallo GT 2 Man Tent Review

Editor: Randy


Basic Description of item:

The Nallo GT by Hillenberg is a formidable tunnel designed tent designed to meet the challenges of all seasons. This tent, weighs in at just 5 lbs 16 oz, (packing weight) and is an excellent choice for hunters, mountaineers, backpackers, and other adventurers high on the nectar of outdoor adrenalin. If you seek an exceptionally light weight tent, one that doesn't lose any strength, built with the extremely tough Kerlon 1200 fabric, this is it. These tents are designed to handle almost anything mother nature decides to throw your way in the form of adverse 4-season weather. I believe you will also simply love the cavernous space the GT gives you. It would easily sleep two NFL size linebackers!

Just the Facts:

As with other Hillenberg tents, the Nallo GT is fairly straight forward and easy to set up. You simply insert 2 sets of the nearly unbreakable 9 mm poles into the adjustable, reinforced pole holder sleeves, stake down one end with a couple of V- pegs, pull the tent to its full length, then stake the opposite end down. Altogether, you will need 20 V- pegs for all guy lines and anchor points. The Spectra line runners are strong and well designed to give the tent extra stability when the wind is trying to blow "your house down."

Double entrances on both sides of the extended vestibule, are ideal for accessing the tent, as well as to position your gear away from inclement weather. With the inner tent linked to the outer tent you never have to worry about attaching a rain fly which is a great design feature. You can, of course, detach the inner and outer tents and use them independent of each other depending on the weather.

The GT’s ventilation system had its problems in the past but Hillenberg has now taken steps to take care of this issue. The inner tent is vented through a no-see-um mesh panel located in the rear of the tent. The inner tent is also functional regardless of the weather, since the inner tent fabric is highly breathable yet water repellent. Also, the large front vent is situated high enough that it will keep air moving even if the tent has been dug down into deep snow, but it is also backed by an adjustable snow-proof panel that is accessible from inside the vestibule. This panel is air permeable even when zipped up. Hillenberg has also given you the option with their latest version of the tent of rolling up the outer tent at the foot end, which, along with the fabric-backed no-see-um mesh vent on the back wall, affords more air flow and better condensation control.

The Nallo GT’s inner tent has a bright interior highlighted with a soft yellow color. The entrance could be considered to be almost circular. The zipper system has four runners and opens from the top and the bottom which I really like for convenience. All zippers are covered with large flaps to keep moisture out and to prevent catching material in the zippers. The entrance is also fully backed by no-see-um mesh. A high “bathtub” type floor helps keep out ground water in extremely wet conditions. I also like the pockets sewn on the inside of the inner tent to store miscellaneous gear such as chapstick, headlamps, etc. You can also hang your headlamp, damp socks, etc, from the high ceiling.

A large side entrance situated in the vestibule can be opened from either the top or the bottom. In order to keep condensation levels as low as possible, the GT’s vestibule is also designed with a well covered vent. It is part of the entry side panel and can be operated from the inside and the outside. The vestibule now boasts 2 entrances, one on each side. You can leave one or both doors open to help with airflow. The roomy vestibule offers plenty of room for all kinds of gear and will takes two or three backpacks while still providing space to safely cook and prepare your food.

The Kerlon 1200 fabric in the Nallo GT continues with the traditional Hillenberg quality, maintaining the high level of performance and longevity that you should demand for the price. Kerlon 1200 has a tear strength of 26 lbs! This tear strength is touted as being four times higher than ordinary tents! The tent comes with 20 V-stakes, a stuffbag, pole bag, peg bag, guy lines, line runners, spare pole section, pole repair sleeve, and instructions.



I purchased my Nallo GT 4 years ago and have hard core tested it in the field on more scouting, hunting and backpack trips than I should admit. My time “out on the mountain” is spent in extremely rugged desert and high mountain alpine terrain. The tent has stood up to some serious summer rainstorms, brutal desert heat and a few nights spent in miserable below zero conditions. I haven’t had the occasion to test it against a really heavy snowstorm although my GT has survived and functioned well in several blizzards. I appreciate the Nallo 2 GT tent for it’s “mansion like” space although I can get a much better nights sleep in my own one man tent without having someone else snoring or rolling around in the space next to you. The pack weight of the tent can be broken up my letting your hiking partner carry the poles, stakes and ground cloth. I’ve spent some very hot nights during the summer in the Nallo GT with friends and we’ve appreciated Hillenberg’s tent system where you can detach the outer tent from the inner to increase ventilization and allow us to watch shooting stars blaze across the dark night sky. I would suggest that you purchase a ground cloth to extend the tent life of the ground floor.

I have experienced some condensation issues, and a few times a lot. I consciously have worked to maximize ventilation in the tent, but always bag up my clothes and bag when I’m leaving before daylight to protect them from getting wet if the conditions have been condusive to condensation. There will, of course, always be some condensation that you must expect to deal with in a real quality all weather/4 season tent. Hillenberg, has, with their very latest design of the Nallo GT, solved some of these issues as I stated earlier in my review. For comfort, I will generally use the GT when I’m going on an extended backpack trip with several friends and there have been a few occasions when I have slept 3 of us in the spacious inner tent.

As with all their tents Hilleberg has an excellent lifetime warranty. Their customer service has always been pleasant and very good to address any issues that I have had. Although Hilleberg is based in Northern Sweden and have been providing high-quality tents and service in Europe many years they have an office in the U.S. that currently is based in Redmond, Washington.

I have been extremely pleased with my Nallo GT tent although I still don’t like all those guidelines that can get tangled when stuffing your tent. I personally deal with this issue by wrapping the loose guidelines with elastic bands. I highly recommend purchasing the tent if you plan on spending a lot of time “out on the mountain” with family and friends. It is not designed for the solo backpacker. Hillenberg’s quality is unsurpassed but you pay for it with a price tag of $675 for this tent! To get the most for this price you better be spending a lot of time using your GT.


What they could do better:

* The guylines have a tendency to get tangled up when rolling up your tent or stuffing it. Hillenberg might consider sewing a few small pouches onto these tents where you could secure these lines as you stuff or roll up your tent.
* I found that the stuff sack could be made a little larger and was not very strong. I suggest that Hillenberg make their stuff sack material out of their Kerlon 1500 to reduce any frustration with tearing and for waterproofing.
* It is somewhat difficult to remove the outer tent/fly- not too difficult just a bit time consuming. I wish they could make it a little easier.

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1. "RE: Hillenberg Nallo 2 man Tent"

It's Hilleberg not Hillenberg and they are great tents just the way they are.


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2. "RE: Hillenberg Nallo 2 man Tent"

Thanks for the correction on the spelling Wade.

They are great tents.

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