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04:35 AM (MST)
"J34 Pack"

I have been meaning to post this for a while, but I got sidetracked during hunting season and then forgot to post. I ordered a eberlestock J34 from Eric at Payson Outfitters. The order was placed online and the pack was at my doorstep less than a week later. I will certainly order from them in the future. Thanks Eric.

About the pack, absolutely love it. This past season I used it during early high buck season, general deer season, and elk season, plus multiple scouting/bear hunting trips.

The only time the pack was uncomfortable was when it was loaded down with 75+ lbs of gear for the high buck hunt. I backpacked in to the Passayten Wilderness for a 4 day weekend. Once I had camp setup, the pack shrunk down and made an excellent day hunt pack. I really liked the scabbard for storing the rifle while hiking in the extremely steep, mountain terrain. This was my first backpacking hunt trip and I learned a lot. My pack will be much lighter next year.

The rest of my hunts were served well by the J34 as a compressed down day pack. The suspension is very comfortable. The pack is advertised as being waterproof, but I think water resistant is a better description. I was frequently rained and snowed on, but the inside of the pack stayed nice and dry for the most part. If packing in inclement weather for an extended time, you may want to get the rain cover.

Unfortunately, I got skunked this year, so I did not get to try out the pack's meat hauling capability. I would heartily recommend this pack to anyone who wants a tough, versatile pack.

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08:29 PM (MST)
1. "RE: J34 Pack"

Thank you broberts, sorry to hear you got skunked but glad to hear the pack worked out for you. I did the same thing, packed more weight then I cared to, I have been working hard on getting more lightweight gear. I am now down to 55lbs for for a good 3 day wilderness hunt. Still working hard at getting that even lower.

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