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Awesome Tent Stove........Great Service!!!

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"Awesome Tent Stove........Great Service!!!"

Decided to break down and buy a stove for the Alaknak this year. After looking around at quite a few options I decided to order the "Spruce" package from Colorado Cylinder Stove Co. It appeared to be built better than any of the other models I had looked at and since we didn't need a breakdown pack stove the weight of a better built stove wasn't an issue. The only problem is that the Spruce model had a 5" stovepipe and the fitting in my Alaknak was only 4". I called Colorado Cylinder and spoke to a really nice gal by the name of "Amanda". When I told her the issue she asked if she could put me on hold while she talked to the guys in the shop. Within just a few minutes she came back on the line and told me they could simply build me a Spruce model with a 4" outlet. Almost any company I know would have at least charged me a PITA charge but they did not. No change in price and the stove was built and shipped to me within 2 days.....arriving on the 4th day. We used this stove for our 10 day archery hunt in colorado which I just returned from and were absolutely thrilled with it's performance. The website suggested the stove would hold wood for 4-5 hours but with the thoughtful design on this stove we could get it to burn for around 7 hours......didn't have to stoke it during the night at all. Granted the weather wasn't real cold with lows right around freezing but the stove performed flawlessly. Good fair pricing, Great product & Great customer service.

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