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Cabela's Euro 10 x 42

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"Cabela's Euro 10 x 42"

I know these binos have been out for a while but I recently picked me up some and got a great deal! I compared these to the Vortex Viper HDs and the Razors. Viper HDs were good but not as good in low light conditions. The Razors were comparable but I wouldn't say better.

I spent numerous hours looking through the three on and off tripods before and after hours. I wish that I could have looked through the Euro HDs but they were not available at the time. The Euros exceeded my expectations. The entire field of view was crystal clear from edge to edge; the color definition and contrast were both excellent.
The only complaint I have is that they are a bit heavier. I can't wait to try out the HDs.

As for the Razors, they were great but I don't think I would spend the extra money because the difference is minute. However, you can't beat the Vortex warranty.

I have no complaints. Best bang for your buck in my opinion!

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