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Winchester Model 70 NEW vs Pre 64
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12:46 PM (MST)
"Winchester Model 70 NEW vs Pre 64"

I spent some time, about 2 weeks checking out the new Winchester Model 70. I compared it with 2 other Winchester Model 70 guns Pre 64 that I own.

Here are my thoughts:

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Rifle review

Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:
Caliber / Gauge 300 WSM
Action Type Short Action
Magazine Capacity 3
Barrel Length 24″
Nominal Overall Length 44 1/4″
Nominal Length of Pull 13 3/4″
Nominal Drop at Comb 1/2″
Nominal Drop at Heel 3/4″
Nominal Weight 7 lbs.
Rate of Twist 1 turn in 10″
Metal Finish Polished Bluing
Wood Finish Satin Finish
Stock / Grip Grade I Walnut
U.S. Suggested Retail $919.99

Noteable information:

The pre-’64 Model 70′s were manufactured from 1936 through 1963 after which time significant changes in the design and manufacture of the rifles were made. Pre-’64 Model 70s bring a substantial price premium due to a public perception that they were better, as they had several desirable features (Mauser-type controlled round feed, cut checkering) that the post-’64 version did not. Pre-’64 Model 70 Winchester rifles can best be identified by serial number and the presence of a fore-end screw to secure the barrel to the stock.<4> Model 70 rifles with serial numbers below 700,000<5> are the pre-’64 variety.

1963-about 1992 Winchester, trying to compete with the Remington 700 went away from the Controlled Round fee Mauser action.

1992-2006 Winchester produced some CLASSIC Model 70s with much of the same features as the Pre 64 guns. But not in all Model 70s.

In October 2007, FN Herstal announced that it would produce Controlled Round Feed Winchester Model 70 rifles at its facility in Columbia, South Carolina, where it currently manufactures the M240, M249, and M16 for the United States military, as well as its SPR and PBR lines, which are, in fact, variants of the modern Model 70 Controlled Round Feed rifles.


Story of my new Model 70, 2012 Winchester Model 70 FeatherWeight, Feather Weight.

I have 2 Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 rifles, both in 30.06 calibers, and both in great shape.

I have 3 children that I want to pass a collectable gun to, when I pass away…so, I purchased a 3rd Winchester Model 70. This gun is a Feather Weight, chambered in 300 WSM.

I looked over several calibers and guns before choosing this particular gun. Winchester Model 70 Super Grades and Feather Weights, are all made of a good grade of Walnut, but not each gun is the same. I picked this gun, for 2 reasons:

1: I like the caliber

2: This gun, had a beautiful stock, and a great finish.

What I noticed as I was choosing a Model 70 Super Grade or Feather Weight.

1: The Feather Weight and the Super Grade Model 70s are all very different. There is a great variance in the look of the wood. Some have beautiful grain, while others just have a so so look to them.

2: The bluing on the barrels is fantastic! However some do have a different sheen to the bolt knob. The gun I chose had a very high gloss on the bolt handle, but others had low gloss.

3: The Pachmayr recoil pad, while fantastic in function, has a significantly different finish from gun to gun. Take a good look at how the recoil pad looks. Some really looked bad.

I finally found the best gun that Sportsman’s Warehouse had in stock and made the purchase. I was anxious to make this gun look like a classic. For this reason I chose a Leather sling.

I also chose a Leupold Gold Ring Scope that gave this gun a CLASSIC look.

First Steps

I compared this new model 70 to my pre 64 model 70. I did this by comparing 3 key areas: Trigger, Accuracy, and Recoil.

I then did the following with each gun:

-Worked the bullets from the magazine into the chamber and then ejected them. I did this with 20 rounds through each gun.

I was careful to work it softly for the first 10 rounds, then harder for the next 10 rounds. I was VERY pleased to see that both guns ejected the bullets with ease. This they did with an easy stroke or a hard bull on the bolt.

-Shot the guns at the range:

I shot the new Model 70 Winchester 300 WSM 2 shots at a time, then would clean it. I repeated this 10 times, shooting 20 rounds through the gun.

I paid very close attention to the trigger, the recoil, and of course the accuracy.


WOW, the MOA ZERO Creep trigger on the Winchester Model 70 is just fantastic. I cannot detect any creep at all, and was surprised each time the gun fired. I measured the pull weight to be 3 lbs from the factory. The manual comes with easy instructions for tuning the trigger further, but I see NO need.

It is a significant improvement over the PRE 64 Model 70.


Fantastic. This is my 3rd 300 WSM, and by far it has the most manageable recoil of all of them. It jumps a little, but the recoil to my shoulder is no problem, and I left the range after shooting 20 rounds with NO, yes NO pain in my shoulder.

A nice improvement over the older model 70, since that gun has a STEEL butt plate.


With a great trigger, very good recoil, you can imagine how the accuracy should be…well it is GREAT.

I was able to shoot ˝ MOA groups over and over with both guns.

The new Model 70 shoulder easily, and shot just fantastic groups.


-When buying a Winchester Model 70, look over several guns, pick one that LOOKS good.

-The Model 70 is BACK. This gun looks great, feels great, and shoot great.

-The Winchester Feather Weight Model 70 I bought shoots fantastic.

We consider this gun a definite buy, and rank it as one of the top rifles generally available. You cannot go wrong with a new Winchester Model 70.

The whole review with photos is on:

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10:32 PM (MST)
1. "RE: Winchester Model 70 NEW vs Pre 64"

LAST EDITED ON Mar-01-13 AT 10:37 PM (MST)

bowhunt, Thanks for the review! I too find it interesting when you can get a counter person to bring out what he has in the way of rifles still in the box so you can inspect each one looking for the "best". Works for me but not many i've run across will do that for a guy. I bought my old Rem 870 pump that way, must have looked at/thru more than a dozen before it was love at first sight and it got to ride home with me. lol

I have a model 70 Classic in 270WSM that still has it's factory barrel and shoots consistently under 3/4" even though it has at least several thousands of rounds fired thru it. Even though i was already, a rifle like that is easy to make fans of Winchester model 70's.

The price though...a bit of sticker shock there. Then again, i haven't bought "new" in awhile.

Glad to hear that the newest Winny's are shooters! Great report!!


"It's all about knowing what your firearms practical limitations are and combining that with your own personal limitations!"

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05:09 PM (MST)
2. "RE: Winchester Model 70 NEW vs Pre 64"

has any one else tried this gun//? iam looking at 25 or 30, for a banquet, and want a good gun for corporate tables,,,

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04:35 PM (MST)
3. "RE: Winchester Model 70 NEW vs Pre 64"

Go with a custom built gun off a 700 action, built by a competent gun smith and you will be money ahead. You won't have to do a three page post about a off the shelf gun thats not going to shoot all that well.

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