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GizzMoVest for Garmin
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"GizzMoVest for Garmin"

I recently picked up a Garmin GPSMap 62ST. In my search for a quality protective case I found GizzMoVest and decided to try it out.

While simple in design, I am impressed with the fit, ease of access to all of the buttons, visibility of the screen, and installation/removal versus anything else I have seen. I am also impressed with the design as far as the thought ut ito actual drop protection.

For the record, I went ahead and added an Invisible Shield screen protector for extra insurance as I am really impressed with the one on my cell phone.

Between the vest and the screen protector, it's hands down the best setup I've seen for these units.

I ordered the brown. The only problem I had was that it was delivered with a bright orange chord. Being a bow hunter, I wanted something a little more earth what was in the picture of the Amazon add. So, I sent them an email to see if I could purchase another chord. A guy by the name of Jeff immediately contacted me, apologized for the misunderstanding and sent me not just one camo chord, but a second of a different pattern, and threw in a black vest with another camo chord. Talk about customer service!!.

They claim a 3 year, no hassle, no questions asked return warranty, and after dealing with Jeff I have no doubts that they will honor that.

Last, but defintiely not least, they are made right here in the US of A.

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