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KUIU Tiburon, warm weather review
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"KUIU Tiburon, warm weather review"

Here is our review on the new line from KUIU. Warm weather clothing.
Not cheap, but seems to be worth it.
5 stars

Basic Description:
KUIU announced several weeks ago the release of its Tiburon warm weather system in its “never-ending pipeline of incredible gear” for Mountain Hunters! Desert sheep guides and hunting fanatics like myself have found this to be very exciting news. The new Tiburon system consists of a long sleeved Zip-T and Pants, constructed with another innovative fabric engineered by Toray called “Dot Air.” This exclusive Dot Air material allows for maximum breathability and the durability demanded for warm to hot weather hunts! What a positive development!
Tiburon system is extremely versatile, solving the issues of changing weather conditions. You can wear it in 100 degree heat or layer underneath it for the cold of late fall hunting.

The Facts:
Available in either the Vias or Verde Camo patterns.
Features Toray Dot Air Fabric – 149 g/m2 – 100% Polyester
Toray KUDOS DWR Finish (Durable Water Repellant)
YKK Zippers (1/4 zip chest opening and chest pocket in Zip-T)
Extremely Breathable – Dot Air Fabric is ventilated with tiny air holes
Engineered as Warm Weather Clothing
Wear next to skin or add layers underneath for cooler weather hunting.
2 Way Stretch
Quick Drying
Very Quiet
Tiburon Zip-T Features:
8.5 Ounces
Available in M – XXL
Chest Pocket with YKK Zipper
Easily accessible pocket for small gear
¼ Zip Mock Collar for extra comfort and added ventilation
¼ Zip allows for dump of heat and excess moisture
Athletic Fit

Tiburon Pant Features:
12.5 Ounces
Available in waist sizes of 32, 34, 36, 38, 40
Inseam 34”. 2 additional inches in the cuff for self-alteration
Two hand pockets with lightweight mesh lining for added ventilation
Two rear/seat pockets – #3 YKK zippers
Two thigh/cargo pockets – #3 YKK zippers
Two hip-zips with mesh lining for added ventilation – #3 YKK zipper
Web & Bar-tacked PU-button
Bar Tack Belt Loops
Flat Lock Stitching

When Jason Hairston at KUIU told me last year that they were working on the new Tiburon system for warm weather hunting, I was excited to see what they had came up with. As a desert sheep guide, many of my early fall hunts take place in brutally hot weather. If you wear shorts your legs get scratched and all cut up. Also, the early mornings and late evening can still be quite cold so shorts are not the best option. This is where their new Tiburon system steps up to the plate and hits a home run!
Although KUIU has just started taking pre-orders for the new Tiburon system, I was fortunate enough to get a set to try out for my late spring scouting trips as well as on my Utah spring bear hunt. It didn’t surprise me to find that KUIU’s Tiburon system performed every bit as well as advertised. I’ve worn the Pants and Zip-T for the past two weeks in both hot as well as cool weather and I absolutely love the versatility that the Tiburon system has given me. This clothing is so light you don’t even know you have it on, yet it provides you with the durability you demand in your hunting clothing.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand clothing that restricts my movement in anyway. With the Tiburon system you will find that the Pants and Zip-T give you great mobility, allowing you to move through tough terrain with ease.
Several weekends ago the unpredictable spring weather in southern Utah turned quite cold once again, yet with the DotAir fabric I stayed warm and comfortable simply by layering with the KUIU Super Down Jacket while I was out on the mountain. Then, when it got much warmer by mid-morning I stayed cool by shedding the layers over the top of my Tiburon system.
I highly recommend the purchase of KUIU’s Tiburon system in either the Vias or Verde Camo patterns to compliment your hunting clothing “war chest.” The Zip-T is available in sizes M-XXL for $99.99 and the Tiburon Pant, comes in sizes 32-40 for $139.99. The fit for me was perfect.
About KUIU:
Please remember that you won’t find KUIU clothing or gear in any of the outdoor stores or catalogs. Jason Hairston chose to market KUIU by not using any retailers. He keeps the middle-man out of the process and only sells online direct through the KUIU website. This was a conscious effort to provide hunters with the very best products and to keep the prices down.
KUIU’s products are made only with the finest ingredients in the world such as Toray, The Merino Company, 3M, Duraflex, Easton, Pittards Leather, Cordura and Polartec. This concept is what allows KUIU to produce the highest quality gear for ultimate performance. It’s what will allow KUIU to continue to lead the industry with cutting edge innovations that will push the hunting gear market further than ever before
If you are not familiar with KUIU, you should seriously consider checking out their blog for updates and information on their website at If you are really into technology then KUIU can also be followed on Twitter (@KUIU) and Facebook ( I really appreciate the fact that Jason and his team don’t hesitate to ask you, their customers, to give them direct feedback on your experience with any of their gear, good or bad. KUIU’s customer service is has always been outstanding and they are extremely customer oriented. Jason’s team at KUIU are always willing to treat you as if you are one of their tight knit Mountain Hunting family.

What They Could Do Better
KUIU’S hotter weather Tiburon clothing was a huge hit with me. In concluding this review, I can’t be anything but complimentary in regards to KUIU’s Mountain Hunting Clothing. If you are a hard core, passionate Mountain Hunter who is looking for high performance gear then you should try them out. The only thing the KUIU team can do better is to keep up with the supply and demand so that hunters don’t have to wait for an order!
Thanks for reading my reviews everyone. Good luck and continue to “keep your boots” warm for your next adventure out on the mountain.

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1. "RE: KUIU Tiburon, warm weather review"

“never-ending pipeline of incredible gear” But that pipeline always seems to be empty. I'd buy some more of their gear but I'm a common size and finding common sizes in stock is uncommon.

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2. "RE: KUIU Tiburon, warm weather review"

If you plan ahead, and don't need it this week, you can always get what you need from Kuiu. Yes, sometimes it will be back ordered, and may take a month or even more, but you will get your size for a good price.
I am also a common size, so understand the situation all too well. That is the "cost" of quality gear at a decent price point. The only option seems to be to overpay for lesser quality gear from Sitka, which is always available. Wonder why?

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