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GREAT PACK, Have you heard of them?
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08:58 AM (MST)
"GREAT PACK, Have you heard of them?"

Really impressed with this pack out of Montana.
Any of you guys used them?


Stone Glacier Terminus backpack

Editor: Colorado Jake

Just the facts:

Weight 3.94 Lbs without load shelf, 4.07 Lbs with load shelf

-130+ pound load rating (check Design page for load rating info)

-6300 cubic inches, includes lid

-2100+ cubic inch plus expandable load shelf

-Hydration compatible

-Adjustable, 300 cubic inch lid

-Ice axe and gear loops

-Belt attachments

-Cordura 500 and Xpac fabric

-1 interior pocket, 1 pocket in lid

-Heavy duty, 1″ Duraflex military approved buckles and webbing

-Double layer re-enforced bottom

-Made in USA


After reading many reviews and talking with a few experts. I ended up purchasing a Stone Glacier Terminus backpack from Kurt. When calling the company, I didnít expect to talk with the owner. After exchanging a few stories. I was sold by his passion for the outdoors and drive to make the ultimate ultralight backcountry backpack.

Kurt put together a package for me while I was still deployed on a wild land fire no questions asked. I quickly ripped the box opened like it was christmas morning when I got home and was not disappointed. After watching all of Kurtís instructional videos on youtube. I had the thing fitted and loaded in no time for my up coming backpacking trip.

Upgrading from my old pack to this was a dream. The hip belt, shoulder straps, and back pad were incredible comfortable. The frame sits tight against your back but still provides breathability. Itís easy to tighten and adjust the different straps to move the load to your hips. I really liked how easy it is to loosen the bag from the frame to load a water bladder or heavy load in the shelf. With a couple clicks and pulls youíre loaded and ready to go.

It is incredibly light. My scale read 4lbs 11 oz with Krux frame, Terminus bag, Gun sling, and two hip pockets attached. I know this number doesnít matter much when packing a elk out, but during 90% of the time when hunting or backpacking it helps. I read an article some time back about boot weight. They said you need to multiply every ounce with each step. Over a full day those few ounces add up to big numbers and wear/tear on your legs. I use the same theory with all of my backcountry gear besides my sleeping pad. A comfortable night of rest is under rated in my option.

The pack held up great on our 4 day backpacking trip into the Mt. Massive wilderness area. The first day we hiked in 4 hrs to 12,000 ft with 64lbs. The following 3 days we did day trips much like hunting. I even packed a small rifle with us in the gun sling, in case we came upon some coyotes. The gun sling is simple, light, and cleaver. With a tug on the rip cord, it loosens the upper end and you can be ready for a shot very quickly. The pack rode extremely nice and during several big thunderstorms kept all of the contents nice and dry. I felt extremely light on my feet the entire trip and looked forward to the many climbs including one up the east face of Mt. Massive (14,421). I have no doubt that shaving the few extra pounds off my old pack was making a instant improvement in my stamina.

In conclusion,
This pack is a must have for any hardcore backcountry hunter. Itís extremely light, comfortable, and easy to use. It will hold up to lots of abuse and high country weather. Using a ultralight pack will add stamina and reduce wear/tear on your joints. Although, itís super light, it can handle any load you can manage. Hip pockets are a must for me and the gun sling. Give them a look and call Kurt with any questions.

Pros- Light weight, comfortable, easy of use, durable (all military grade), expandable to 8200 cu inchs with load shelf but compresses very tight for day use.
What they could do better?
Cons- Cost $610 is high but Iím very happy with it, Hip pockets require two hands to open/close, material is noisy

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09:37 AM (MST)
1. "RE: GREAT PACK, Have you heard of them?"

Ive been considering getting this pack, how do you like the frame? Does it flex on you at all when loaded? It seems like a well made pack.


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