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big game eyecon mantis = garbage
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"big game eyecon mantis = garbage"

so i recently bought one of these cameras. its useless. here is a copy of what i just sent to the manufacturer, and i even left some things out, being so overwhelmed with trying to remember so many negative things i have to say about this camera.

im contacting you to complain about the big game eyecon mantis trail camera i recently purchased. bear with me while i list al of my complaints. lets start with the two problems filling out your form online here.
1: this product is not listed under model number.
2: i no longer have the box, but the spot that says "serial number" under the flap that covers the buttons, is blank.

now on to my complaints about the product's performance.

3: i posted the camera at 7pm september 9th, removed it 3pm sept 13th, however my last picture was at 2pm september 10th, meaning cam only ran for 19 hours.
4: of the 2067 pics i got (in 3 shot burst mode) pics 4-84 were solid jet black.
5: i did not get one single night time photo, every pic was broad daylight, and all except a couple pics of me dumping feed were false triggers.

now ill complain about the products design

6: have you ever tried to put ten batteries in this thing? its like a damned popcorn popper, almost impossible to get all of the batteries in before others fly out all over the place.
7: there is no small picture to indicate which direction the sd card is supposed to go in, like every other device ive ever owned that uses an sd card.
8: removal of the sd card is extremely difficult due to how recessed it is, and its close proximity to the hinges.
9: the little latches that both close the screen cover securely, and hold the pivoting portion to the battery housing are extremely difficult to fully engage.
10: the slot where you put the strap will not accommodate a cable lock, and there is no place to put even a padlock to prevent somebody from messing with your sd card, if they decide not to steal the cam.
11: although i havent had THIS cam chewed on yet, i can almost guarantee that it will not stand up to even the smallest bear cub messing with it. and if you think that my complaints about no pics are NOT the fault of your inferior quality product, i had a cheapo $99 walmart model bushnell, which was chewed up by a bear, mounted inches from this cam, and it got lots of pics during this time period, of multiple bucks, does and fawns. your cam got pics of NOTHING but me, just a couple thousand false triggers.

to sum up my complaint, ive decided to get on every hunting website i can and tell people NOT to buy this product. in fact ill just copy this in every trail cam section of every hunting forum ive found. thanks for putting out an absolutely horrible low quality product and thus relieving me of 150 hard earned dollars.

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