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"Exped Warranty Service"

LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-13 AT 02:04 AM (MST)

Hello all, I just wanted to pass on a very positive experience I recently had with Exped. I just completed a 12 day float hunt (separate story) and my Exped Downmat 9 blew one of the baffles and caused a large hump near the middle of the pad. Unfortunately, this happened on the first day in the field. I bought the pad new in mid 2010 and have loved every minute sleeping on it. Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what it looked like.

As you can imagine, I had a hard time finding a place I could sleep on the mat without sliding off.

Anyway, I got off the river and back to a hotel on 18 Sep. On 19 Sep, I emailed Exped and let them know of the problem and asking if they could help. At the time, I did not know they had a 5 year warranty. I had a reply back within about 2 hours, though I was driving home and did not answer until late that night. Exped asked a few questions about the circumstances, then asked for the lot number, size, and model. The next morning I had a reply back, including an apology that the product had failed and that they would have a new mat in the mail shortly. On 26 Sep, I received a new mat from Exped, plus an air pillow thrown in for the trouble the mat had caused on the hunt.

In a time where companies sometimes do not honor their warranty on products, I was surprised that Exped had a new mat in my hands within a week of notification of a problem.

I wanted other folks to know that Exped stands behind their products and will quickly work with you if there is a problem.

Thanks Exped, you now have a customer for life, and thanks to Nick, the customer representative who worked with me.


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