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"Great Customer Service!"

Back in April I purchased an Extreme Beam headlamp after reading reviews online it seemed like the perfect replacement for my old headlamp that I had a hard time giving up on since it had a great ability to focus the light into a spotlight so well. After super glueing and taping back together several times it was finally shot.

I purchased my Extreme Beam at Sportsmans to use on my Turkey hunt this spring and was very impressed with the brightness and its ability to focus the light makes it much easier to stay on the right track when headed into a your hunting area.

After using it several times out bagging my turkey and turkeys for a couple of my friends I took it out ATV riding and all of the sudden it lost its ability to focus and was just shining a giant flood of light. It seems that while I was messing with it I accidentally loosened the front lense and bouncing around on the ATV it unthreaded and fell off.

I sent an e-mail to Extreme Beam and they got back to me within an hour! No questions asked they just said they would be happy to help me out and they were sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. (even though this was all self induced do to me screwing around with it)

In two days my new part arrived in the mail and my headlamp is good as new!

I just want to thank the guys at Exteme Beam for helping me out and hope this will give others confidence in their products too.

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