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Redhead 1856 Windproof Fleece Jacket
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03:37 PM (MST)
"Redhead 1856 Windproof Fleece Jacket"

I've been looking for a jacket that will cover 80% of my time in the field for quite a while, and I think I've finally found it. Here's the criteria I was looking for:

Lightweight, yet warm.
Windproof and breathable
generously cut to allow an extra layer when needed

The jacket is cut more traditionally (read this as roomier) than a lot of the newer soft shell style jackets a lot of companies are going to. It's a lowish-knapp fleece in Bass Pro's version of outfitter camo with a windproof lining. The inner side of the jacket is not real supple, yet it seems pretty warm. I can easily wear an insulated nano puff pullover or medium loft puffy underneath.

Where I think it starts to set itself apart from a lot of others out there is the ventilation zips on the upper arms. Many jackets utilize pit zips, which work great, but these are easier to get to with a pack and gloves on. It's also lighter than a lot of windproof fleeces. But here's the kicker- it's only $50, a welcome price in the hunting market these days. So, I thought I'd pass it along to anyone looking for a fall jacket that you'll be able to wear the bulk of the time in the field.

Good luck this season-


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