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"Sat. Phone Rentals"

This year we rented a Sat. Phone for calling home while on our backcountry archery elk hunt. We used a company called Cellhire. They are hooked up with Verizon. It was better rates going directly through Cellhire than through Verizon. They had best rental and minute rates we could find. Rent Sat. Phone for a month for $199 and per minute rates to home or cell is $1.79 per minute for out going calls. In coming calls are free. We just called home on the Sat phone for less than a minute $.99 cents to let them know we had the Sat. Phone "on" and had them call us back to talk as long as they wanted. Worked out great....charges were minimal and wives were more at ease in case something bad happened we could call for help.

We had plenty of battery capacity with the extra battery for our two week hunt leaving the phone off until night time when someone wanted to make a call home. With my son having a new baby at home this Sat. Phone worked out great.

This Cellhire is a great company to use to rent a Sat. Phone when you need one. They overnight you the Sat. Phone for the time you request and provide a convenient envelope to return the Sat. Phone when we were finished with it. Phone case comes with extra battery ,110v cord and car charger. They can be contacted at check them out when you need a Sat. Phone.


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1. "RE: Sat. Phone Rentals"

That's some great information, TrophyHunter!!! I've heard cell service in my hunting area is sparse at best so I guess I'll check into renting a sat phone for a couple of weeks... Thanks!

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