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Badlands Monster vs Tenzing 1250
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"Badlands Monster vs Tenzing 1250"

Figured i would do a short review on the Badlands Monster and Tenzing 1250 lumbar (fanny) packs with shoulder straps.

Couldnt decide between the two, so i bought both and sold the one i liked better.

Both packs are really nice and both are very pricey.


Very heavy duty, good quality, heavy duty straps.
Excellent customer service
thick rigid padding around waist belt
pretty ligth

not much padding on shoulder straps
Only a single strap connects main pack area and shoulder straps
No accessory clips on straps
side pockets on the small side
unique bladder setup

Tenzing 1250
Very comfortable pack
Has 3-4 straps supporting pack area *probably better for strapping very large loads to it (like an elk quarter for first hauls)
Has build in strap hiders
Has bow/gun holder
Has rain guard
More pockets
Straps on top and bottom of pack
Better bladder setup

Straps not very heavy duty
side pockets on the small side
a little pricey
a little on the heavy side

I have always been a badlands guy, but I actually went with the tenzing even though it was a little more money and the straps were not as heavy duty. It fit me better and had more of the features i wanted. Both packs are very nice though.

It is going to be nice to have a pack off of my high back area.

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