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Solar Panel Kit, NICE
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08:01 PM (MST)
"Solar Panel Kit, NICE"

Hey Guys
I just got done checking out this solar panel kit, that you can use in your base camp, home emergency, or car camping.

Pretty nice set up, but pricey. about $700

Review below:

Aspect Solar, Solar Power Pack Pro 60 Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item: This bundle includes everything you need to get the most out of the revolutionary EnergyBar 250. Charge it with the power of the sun using the EP-60 or get power on the go with the DC-154 lighter socket adapter cable. When its not charging, protect your EnergyBar and the EP-60 inside the EC-250 carrying case for waterproof, padded security.

Just the Facts:

Pro 60 Solar Kit
Pro 60 Solar Kit

BATTERY Information
Battery Capacity 12.8V 20AH, 250Wh LiFePO4 OUTPUTS
USB (4 Sockets) 5V 2A Max 12V
DC Socket 12V 20% 10A AC Universal 100 Watt Modified Sine Wave

INPUT DC 15V 4A (For charging)

GENERAL Dimensions 2.0 x 16.5 x 6.3 in. Weight 8 lbs.

Batter Pack
Batter Pack

SOLAR PANELS Information
Efficiency Rating 22.4%
Type Mono crystalline silicon Wattage 60 Watts (5%)
OUTPUTS USB (4 Sockets) 5V 2A Max 12V
DC Socket 12V 20% 10A
AC Universal 100 Watt Modified Sine Wave INPUT DC 15V 3.7A

GENERAL Dimensions 15.0 x 21.0 x 2.0 in.
Weight 7.5 lbs.

Other valuable information about outputs:
DEVICE WATTAGE Power Duration w/ Full Battery Mobile Devices, Chargers,
Small Fans, GPS, LED Lighting, CPAP Machines 10 25 Hours 20 12.5 Hours LED Televisions,
Video Game Consoles, Radios, DVD Players 30 8.3 Hours 40 6.3 Hours 50 5 Hours Laptops,
Electric Coolers, Large Fans 60 4.2 Hours 70 3.6 Hours
Multiple Devices Charging Simultaneously 80 3.1 Hours 90 2.8 Hours Maximum Output 100 2.5 Hours

The Story:
Staying connected electronically has several key benefits: Safety, some added fun, ability to work remotely, etc. A key part of staying connected is keeping your devices powered. I love the idea of harnessing the sun for power when I am outdoors, it is just easy! During the day I connect the panel up to a battery, and at night I charge and use my devices. Many folks would choose to go about this differently, charge and use during the day, which also works well. The Solar Pro Panel Pack 60 from Aspect Solar has 3 key components to it: The solar panel, the battery station (as I call it), and the great waterproof case for the battery station. IMG_0065 I have used the Solar kit in 2 main ways over the course of the last month:

I take the station camping with me, on car camping trips. I have a tent, and my gear loaded up in my truck, drive to a camp spot and establish a base camp. I always take the Aspect Solar Kit along with me in the scenario. During the day I am usually spending much of my time, hiking, fishing, and other activities that take me away from camp. The first thing I do each morning is take the kit out of my tent and set it up. The solar panel creates a nice easy stand up tripod with the case. I point the panel towards the east and head off for the morning. I do also make sure I have connected the battery pack for charging. I have noticed that when I return for lunch, if I do make it back, that the battery back is generally about 60% charged. I then make an adjustment to the direction it is pointed and head out again for the rest of the day. When I return at night the battery pack is fully charged. The first time I took it out, I connected 2 phones via the usb ports and charged them fully before I hit the sack, very cool, and I still had about 80% battery still available from the Energy Bar 250. The next day, I noticed my camcorder battery was about dead, so I connected it up via the 110v AC output and charged it, and my phones to full capacity. YES!!! I AM THRILLED WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF THE POWER PACK AND SOLAR CHARGER FOR A BASE CAMP!

I love the idea of having a battery back up in my house for keeping phones charged, CPAP machines working, and for light AC work. I have decided to keep this device with my 72 hour home preparedness kit. Think of the value of having a battery system chargeable via the SUN, or a 12 volt source, such as a car battery, in your home. GREAT TO HAVE. I keep mine charged and ready for use given a snow storm or other incident that could knock out power for a period of time. The giant snow storm in Buffalo NY in 2014 is a great example of this. NO POWER for days. If the sun is shining, or if I have a car battery, I can charge this device and keep my phones going. A must have for home safety in my opinion.

Other notable things of mention:
-The shipment came to me package very well, and in great condition.
-The stitching on the neoprene case is outstanding, with the corners receiving extra material for strength
-The Solar Panel case is simply fantastic, and has a great design. It folds up in to a nice carry case, and then expands out to a nice stand.
-The hard case is a very nice piece of equipment, and I am tempted to use it for transporting other items of value.

The Aspect Solar Pro 60 pack is an awesome tool that I have come to love. It is packaged very nicely in a great case, and an easy fold up case for the solar panel. It is easy to use, and NO ONE should be intimidated by this technology, anyone could set up and use this. It literally could be a life saver, and is a great tool for Base Camp, Home Emergency Preparedness, or Road Trips. We highly recommend any product from Aspect Solar, they are simply a notch above the completion in design, function, and durability.

What they could do better:
-The function, fit, and performance of this device is TOP notch, with no add or change needed.
-I am hoping technology continues to advance and can lower the price of this kit.

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09:06 PM (MST)
1. "RE: Solar Panel Kit, NICE"

That's real expensive for what you are getting.

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08:19 AM (MST)
2. "RE: Solar Panel Kit, NICE"

It is pretty pricey Beanman,
They battery pack, with the inverter would cost about $300 if purchased separate or from another company.
So, it is inline with other similar offerings...but still that is a lot of money.
However, I love it

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00:43 AM (MST)
3. "RE: Solar Panel Kit, NICE"

I won a Goal Zero setup similar to yours. It is handy for camping. I hate getting in out the truck to charge whatever and then possibly hitting a button that leaves the light on and drains your truck battery and no one is around to jump start you used as a example. so now I can charge at the campsite and no opening the truck door every 15 minutes to see if your device is charged.

The goal zero also comes with battery packs and rechargeable batteries and I like that feature a lot.. It came with AA and AAA rechargeable batteries and sure did come in handy during camping when you forget a simple item like a battery

Being an electrician in the oil field we have to do solar at some sites due BLM bull crap or just the fact of getting power is going to be a pain or super expensive. After dealing with these solar/wind projects mainly for Radio towers It ended up being way to expensive and a ton of trail and error. But im also talking a much bigger system. solar has a long ways to go that's for sure

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