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The guys over at PointHunter have asked me a few times now to try their app. So today I finally got to it, paid my $1.99 and downloaded the app. from iTunes.

Only took a minute and it was on my phone. I entered information about Utah, Wyoming, & Colorado and that easy I was looking at points in each state for each species. Pretty cool.

The app. also shows all application deadlines in those states, and I have it setup to text me when the application periods begin and 2 days before the end of the application periods.

Was it worth my $1.99? I'll say yes. I only apply for a few states each year and mostly for just deer, so I don't have a lot to remember. However, I know many other hunters apply for much more than I. The reminder service itself is worth the $1.99. I give it a thumbs up.

Brian Latturner
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