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2nd season rifle mule deer Colorado
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07:22 PM (MST)
"2nd season rifle mule deer Colorado"

Could or would anyone kindly give a little feedback on some ok hunting units that's not to extreme for deer. we are trying to see some new country and would love to see some wildlife and not idiots running around on ATV's. We like to camp in the back country and hunt. Seeing game is a great bonus but we only take good deer or mature deer so just maybe someday the little guys can grow up. I'm bringing my 10 year old son along this year for his first experience in the mountains. we have hunted GMU 72/73 in the past but its getting kinda crowded. we were thinking about something different with maybe a little better chance of seeing deer and not rude people driving all around the country where they shouldn't be. We are thinking about GMU 71/711, we have 2 NR PP a piece. I posted earlier this week and had one very nice person reply back, just trying to see what else is in Colorado that might be better.

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