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Idaho moose (unit 4 specifically)
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07:16 PM (MST)
"Idaho moose (unit 4 specifically)"

We were lucky this year in the draws (friend (mossyhorn here on MM) and I drew as a group) and came away with a moose tag (2) in unit 4 Idaho. Obviously we are stoked! We drew one of the shorter seasons, October 1-14. I have done quite a bit of research and as much scouting as I will be able to (I live in Eagle and it is about a 7.5 hour drive to unit 4 from here). I wanted to touch bases on here and see if there was anybody that may be able to help with a couple things... Before I continue I will preface with... I have made the 15 hour round trip drive twice already to scout so I'm not just asking somebody to tell me where to go. Been there and have a couple places picked and a couple decent bulls scouted. It is just a huge unit with moose throughout and I am just looking to cover every base I can for my once-in-a-lifetime ID moose hunt. Actually, this is my second time in 12 years drawing this tag and I did not shoot a bull last time, as we saw many but nothing that I wanted to notch my once-in-a-lifetime tag on. And although I have a couple good bulls picked, they are moose. It will be during the rut. They wander. They may (more than likely will be) nowhere to be found. so, going in as if I haven't seen a moose yet and if they are still in the area, great! But if not...

I know it is one of the most heavily hunted units in the state for elk (archery is currently going on) so wanted to see if anybody on here has hunted or been up there that is familiar with the unit and has any specific places they would recommend checking out or seen anything worth trying to find again.

Anybody have any pointers or know anything about judging size (obviously they are HUGE animals, but antler-wise, width, etc.). I have read 10" between the eyes, 30" between ear tips, etc. Just wondering if anybody has anybody has any tips that may be useful in judging these things from a distance. Not that easy to do looking through a spotter at 800-1000 yards away. I've watched every youtube video made and looked at plenty of pic's already, just doesn't seem like you can get enough info for a hunt like this. If you have any pictures of moose you have taken, please post. Would love to see them!

Here are a couple pictures of a couple bulls from this last weeks trip up there. Sorry for the picture quality, taken from a distance... Hopefully there will be more pictures to come after the hunt! And of course, any info given will be much appreciated and you can guarantee I will return the favor if ever possible.

These first 4 pic's are of the same bull.

This is of a different bull.

Little guy and his girl.

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07:54 AM (MST)
1. "RE: Idaho moose (unit 4 specifically)"

Good luck I'm very jealous as I have wanted to hunt an moose since I was a kid. Have points in Utah and Wyoming but nothing yet.
I am hunting elk in Idaho this year and can't wait to go.
Hope you shoot a big one.

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09:06 AM (MST)
2. "RE: Idaho moose (unit 4 specifically)"

I'd shoot bull one without hesitation. You might find a bigger bull but he's a great representative of the species.

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