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Upcoming Fire and Hunting Season
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"Upcoming Fire and Hunting Season"

Working for the Forest Service, I frequently receive briefings on the long term weather forecast. I just had two such briefings earlier this week. The North-Central Washington received a very substantial amount of winter precipitation this winter. We are looking at a late spring and a late fire season....although we have already had a few lightning caused fires in Chelan County. So the outlook calls for a late start to our fire season, but normal to active fire activity. If you recall back to 2012, this season is shaping up much like that year. We went through most of the fire season with little activity, and then on September 8th, a lightning bust moved through and in a matter of a couple hours, I had 400 lightning strikes start 51 fires on my district alone. I have big plans for High Hunt this year, and I hope I am able to make the hunt. I guess we'll see how the summer shapes up. Be careful with fire out there boys and girls!!!

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