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Bear hunt information......
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"Bear hunt information......"

Looking to get some advise on a possible bear hunt for myself and a friend in 2018 or 2019. First a little back ground. There is a small group of us that have been trekking to Alberta every year to hunt ducks and geese for about 16-17 years now. In all these years there has been a couple of us that talk about how we drive all the way up there and how we should add a few days to the trip and drive a few more hours north and try our luck at a bear. So given that we are very familiar with crossing the border with guns and everything else involved with hunting up north. We have done this trip anytime from mid September to mid October usually just depending on what dates work best for the group. What we are hoping to do is add a few days to the front or the end of our waterfowl trip and go further north and experience a bear hunt then head back towards home or to our bird hunting area. Preferably I think we would like it on the front half of the waterfowl trip. But however it can work out would be great.

So a couple of us are finally ready to make this reality instead of just a thought. Possibly for this year or next is what we are hoping. These are a couple of questions I have: First, are there any outfitters that you would suggest that could accommodate us for two to three days and that would give us the best chance of being successful? Second, we are just your average guys and have to save our pennies to do this in advance. So what would costs be for something like this? We can arrange our own lodging and our meals if needed to keep costs down. We just want the best chance at being successful on a good bear. Neither of us have ever hunted bear but would like to experience it. We end up near Edmonton every year and have hunted as far east as Saskatchewan so as you can see in retrospect to the hours of windshield time we put in we are not far off from being in bear country.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long read. I tend to get a little long winded sometimes haha. One more thing, we drive up from Utah.

thanks again,


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