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12:28 PM (MST)
"PLEASE READ FIRST! - HAC Information"

OK folks, the 2011 Hunt Adventure Challenge is here.

As of right now, I have no contest prizes lined up. I hope to get some stuff though to giveaway. But for now, go ahead and share your 2011 Hunt Adventures......whatever you've done hunting wise this year.

NOTE: This forum is fully-moderated, meaning that stuff that is posted will not immediately be visible. It ALL has to be approved. And, only owners of threads can reply to their own threads. All else will be removed.

Here's the details:

1 - Each of us who want to share our 2011 adventures, can create a thread and post photos, video, stories, etc. Just tell about our 2011 pre-season prep, scouting trips, hunts, etc.
With us beginning so early this year, bear hunts, shed hunts, turkey hunts should also be included. Whatever hunting YOU do.
2 - If you have kids, set them up a SEPERATE thread to share their video, photos, etc.
3 - If your thread grows really huge, then create a new thread and post a link to the other one in both threads. Lots of photos could cause it to load slow, and I'm hoping you all share LOTS of photos and videos.
4 - Please, if you could, share your video clips at I giveaway prizes on that site to folks who share video clips.
5 - As stated above, this forum here for the Hunt Adventure Challenge is fully-moderated, meaning I or a moderator will have to approve everything. We're doing that because the only person that will be allowed to post to a thread is the user who created the thread. All other posts to the threads will not be allowed. So, for example, I will be the ONLY one to post to the "Founder's 2011 Hunting Adventures" thread. We're doing that so that the threads don't get riddled with questions and chit-chat. Questions and stuff can be posted in other forums.
6 - At the end of the year, we'll pick winners. Users of the site, myself, and moderators will decide on winners based on which threads are most exciting, packed with video and photos, with the best animals, etc. Whether you're going guided this year or DIY, share your adventures with us all....from beginning to end. Tell us about your pre-season training, scouting, shooting exercises and practices, photos, some video, some live game if possible, and hopefully some harvested game.
8 - Be sure to only create one thread per user, unless as I stated, your thread becomes huge with lots of pics and such.

Brian Latturner

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 AZ Archery Big...  vanderb79      Apr-06-11   2 
 2011,WHEN THE ...  B_BOP_A_LU_...      Apr-06-11   3 
 STOKED FOR BOW...  TB23      Jul-28-11   4 
 RE: PLEASE REA...  TB23      Aug-07-11   5 

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08:10 AM (MST)
1. "Hoyt"

My name is Dillon Hoyt and shoot a Hoyt AlphMax 32.

I am currently living in Logan Utah with my wife. Our first child will be born in May. I am one year from graduating with a bachelors degree in Wildlife Science from Utah State University. After graduation I plan on being a conservation officer or a wildlife biologist in my home state of Utah.

I have been hunting big game since I was 14. I have taken six deer in my life: three with a bow, two with a muzzleloader and one with a rifle. I have also taken one cow elk with a rifle.

For pictures of my hunts visit my website at <>

All six deer were taken in southern Utah on the Zion and Panguitch Lake Units. Having lived in Orderville for the majority of my life I love the Pausaugunt, Zion, and Panguitch Lake hunting units.

I believe that in Utah I am more likely to kill a big buck with a general season tag, than a big bull with a general season tag. For that reason I have been applying for limited entry elk. I currently have nine elk bonus points, and seven mountain goat bonus points.

This year I threw $40 in the hat at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. I did not win.

For 2011 I applied for a Cache South premium limited entry elk tag, a Willard Peak once in a lifetime mountain goat tag, and a statewide general season archery tag in Utah.

I only plan on getting the statewide general season archery tag in the draw. Then I will purchase an over-the-counter archery elk tag. I will only be hunting in Utah this year for big game.

I am looking forward to this season and the hunts that I will be able to share with you.


Dillon Hoyt

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08:10 AM (MST)
2. "AZ Archery Big Bull or Bust"

OK, here we go...looks like I will be the first if not the best to post a 2011 HAC thread! I know how some of you dreaded the "meaningless" background info in some of last year's posts (including mine) and am going to strive to keep my thread more focused this year.

For me, the hunts are still somewhat unknown and seemingly far away. Like most, I put in for my own state's draw and also stepped out-of-state to apply again in New Mexico. AZ divides it's draw into two sections - elk & antelope first with results out a week or so ago and deer & sheep a couple months away.

When I checked on-line for my elk and antelope results, I found the following:

Draw Results

Species Hunt Number Permit No Result Reject Description
Antelope NT DRN Not Drawn
Elk 03130 000020 Draw Successful

Woohoo!!! Drawn for elk - now I needed to double check that hunt number - could it be that my 11 bonus points got me my 1st choice? Alas, not to be - an early rifle bull tag is not in the cards. But, I only listed two choices and I'm ecstatic to have drawn an early archery tag in unit 3A / 3C!

Those that followed my 2010 HAC can recollect that this unit is near the towns of Heber and Overgaard and that I have a cabin there. My wife had both a cow elk and mule deer tag in that unit last year and with a few other hunts in past years, I'm fairly familiar with the unit already. But, I've never hunted this early in the year (Sept. 9-22) or with archery gear, so I've got a lot of work to do to prepare.

I can also archery hunt mule deer in this unit with an over-the-counter tag immediately preceeding the elk hunt, so I'll have at least two hunts to chronicle this year. My goal with the deer tag is to spend as much time as possible in the area to better my preparation for the elk hunt. I will be happy with any legal buck to get some venison in the freezer.

The elk tag is another story. Those 11 bonus points took me about 9 years to aquire so it's been some time since I've had a chance at a bull in AZ and who knows when or if I'll get another opportunity. So as my title states, it's going to be a big bull or tag soup (at least until very late in the season). I'm setting my sights on a 350" bull or larger! Is that realistic? The unit definately supports that type of animal - we'll have to see what shows up once I start scouting in earnest.

I'm not positive at this point if I will go DIY or guided since this is such an infrequent tag. That decision and many, many more will need to be made in the coming weeks and months. My posts will likely be sporadic until we get a little closer to show time, but please stay tuned and join me on my 2011 HAC.

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08:10 AM (MST)

Well Boys & Girls!

2011 started with a few Bangs 2 Friday nights ago!

It'd been a few moons ago since I'd Hunted all night long,yes I mean around the Clock!

A warm snap hit & the small Game Predators were popping up & out for some more Free meals!

If most people even had a clue what was going on when the light goes out they'd be in dis-belief!

I turned the light back on that night & thinned a few Critters out!

No,I never scratched the problem & this was only what We'd figure to be an average night!

19 Coons!

3 Red Fox!

1 Coyote!

3 Skunks!

Seen a few sets of eyes in the distant trees I just wasn't sure of so I let em live till next time!

I'm amazed there's any Small Game when you see what's going down at night!

I'm not posting this to try & win anything,Hell Sakes!

Gonna be making several more trips up-stream & thin a few more out!

Gobbler season ain't too far away & I usually Call as many Predators in as I do Turkeys!

I don't care if they're big or small!
If they throw lead I like em all!

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04:11 AM (MST)

Im a 13 year old kid 2 years ago got a bow and didnt practice quite enough for the 2010 season and missed some amazing chances.So this year I've been shooting 80-90 shots a week and have ran the brushes on my octane hostage rest down and have had to replace the brushes a couple of times. The best hunting success have had all year is a ton of squirrels and 12 pheasants of 4 mile hunting club pheasant farm. Some scouting has been done I have a couple bucks that I would be tickled to take with a bow. So good luck to you.
-Tanner Bills

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02:40 PM (MST)
5. "RE: PLEASE READ FIRST! - HAC Information"

Well I'm 13 years old my first big game hunt for myself was last year I had so many chances at big bucks on the bow hunt and got buck fever! Then a 7 yard shot at a spike elk and got buck fever. I guess I just dont have to good of luck but on the rifle hunt I shot a 2 point opening afternoon. Here's the pics.
Well this year I've been shooting my bow a ton and I'm positive I'll kill one with my bow this year I use a 3d archery course at my grandpas property and I'm so on if i get a chance at a 3 point or bigger he'll be down. I've done some scouting and there aren't as many bucks as there was last year. After opening day I will post some pics. But here's some pics. from this year.

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