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Firearm friendly airports and countriesd?
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"Firearm friendly airports and countriesd?"

I"am doing a hunt in S.A this August again and in checking on flight prices one of the cheaper flights does a layover in Dubai Arab Emirates. Wondering if anybody has any knowledge of firearm policies in Dubai on layover. I have heard horror stories of firearms being confiscated and jail time for flying into the wrong country with firearms. Last trip I went on flew straight from J.F.K to Joberg. But I had a 8 hour layover in J.F.K which meant I couldnt have them transfer my luggage and firearms to the next flight I had to take possesion of them. I was as nervous as a whore in church the whole time. A while back I was reading a story in the NRA magazine about a gentleman in the same position who had to collect his pistol as soon as he took possesion. Automatic felony and jail time associated. Crap like this makes you wonder if new york should even be a part of the United States! Enough rambling anybody with experience with Dubai and firearms regs would be appreciated Thanx Kim

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09:58 AM (MST)
1. "RE: Firearm friendly airports and countriesd?"

Lots of experienced hunters fly that route. Ask your question on WWW.ACCURATERELOADING.COM Africa forum, and you'll get the answers you want.

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