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Montana Trophy Elk hunts
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"Montana Trophy Elk hunts"

Our all-inclusive, guided hunts take place on over 30,000 acres of well-managed, exclusive, private cattle ranches in the centrally located Bull Mountains of Montana. An overly large herd of wild, free-range elk inhabit this area of rock bluffs, rolling pine and sagebrush hills. We've worked with the ranch managers to provide the elk with quality forage and safe bedding areas which in turn makes for fantastic hunting of large, trophy bulls. We are a small outfitting operation and take only 2-5 hunters each week at our main lodge. These hunts are not physically demanding as we hunt from tree stands, ground blinds and ambush spots to intercept the elk as they travel between bedding and feeding areas each day. We attribute much of our success to not pressuring the animals from their normal daily routine, but occasionally spot and stalk/call bulls on some of our larger ranches. All of this contributes to you having many opportunities at seeing and hunting free range trophy bull elk. Most years we harvest bulls into or near the magical 400" mark with quite a few more in the mid to high 300's. But, of course, you the hunter has to be able to pull off a good shot while staring down a monster bull elk!

We also take 3-4 hunters at two of our ranches which are managed specifically with the bowhunter in mind. Yourself and up to two others will have exclusive access to hunt one of these properties for your 6 day hunt. Our Delphia archery ranch is set up to maximize shot opportunities with over 45 ground blinds, elevated box blinds and tree stands in a high-elk-concentration transition zone between bedding and feeding areas. Our Melstone archery ranch is a new addition for 2018. Initial scouting of this piece of property has revealed it will quickly become a favorite of the bowhunter who prefers spot-and-stalk hunting as well as setup/calling styles. If interested in hunting one of these two archery ranches, please call and we can discuss which ranch suits your personal preference and style of hunting. For our entire operation, shot opportunity each year is near 100% with many hunters having several opportunities while both our archery and rifle harvest success is 85-100%.

We feel our exclusive, private ranch free-range elk hunts are the best elk hunts for trophy bulls Montana has to offer and so do our past hunters. In fact, hunters who've hunted Arizona, New Mexico or Utah have said our ranches rival the best units those states have to offer. And keep this in mind, you can potentially hunt and harvest a 400" bull here at a fraction of the cost of guided hunts in those states!

Our 6 day guided, all-inclusive archery hunts take place during Montana's archery season which runs from September 1 thru October 14, 2018 and our 5 day guided, all-inclusive rifle hunts run October 20 thru November 25, 2018. These hunts are priced at $7500. We also offer guided, all-inclusive mule deer and whitetail deer hunts with some great trophy potential. Our deer hunts are $4000, while deer/cow combo hunts are $4800.

It only takes a few Montana Bonus Points to have a great chance at drawing an archery or rifle bull elk permit. A permit is required to hunt these big bulls and the Montana drawing application deadline is March 15th so don't delay!

Pictures are 2017 harvests

Call: 406-671-4751 (Greg)

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