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Idaho Outfitter Allocation & Controlled Hunts
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"Idaho Outfitter Allocation & Controlled Hunts"

Bearpaw Outfitters sent me this reminder email that the Idaho outfitter allocation and controlled hunts deadline is June 5th. Here are a few of the hunt options available with Bearpaw Outfitters. Visit Dale's site for more information, or better yet, give him a call.

Idaho Unit 70 Mule Deer
Reasonable chance to see 140" to 170" bucks, and there is potential for larger bucks.

Unit 70 Outfitter Allocation
$5950...5-Days Guided 1x1

Unit 70 Controlled Hunt
$3950...Guided 1x1
$2950...Guided 2x1

Idaho Unit 73 Mule Deer
This is an unlimited controlled hunt draw area, but this has to be your 1st choice area to draw the tag.

Unit 70 Unlimited Controlled Hunt
$3950...Guided 1x1
$2950...Guided 2x1

Idaho Unit 78 Mule Deer
A reasonable chance to see 140" to 170" bucks. 200" bucks have been taken in this unit.

Unit 78 Outfitter Allocation
$5950 Guided 1x1
$4950 Guided 2x1

Unit 78 Controlled Hunt
$3950...Guided 1x1
$2950...Guided 2x1

Southern Idaho Early Season
Rifle Elk Controlled-Hunt Oct 1-14

We usually have some good bulls spotted for the early controlled hunt rifle elk season, if you don't draw we can still get you on the general rifle elk season that starts Oct 10th in northern Idaho or Oct 15th in southern idaho.

Unit 70-1 or 75-1 Controlled Elk Hunt
$5450 5-Days Guided 1x1
$3950 5-Days Guided 2x1

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