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Ohio private land archery
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02:28 PM (MST)
"Ohio private land archery"

I have taken many good whitetails and rarely hunt them and would prefer to help other people hunt. The city I live in just started to allow bowhunting 2 years ago. Previously there was no hunting.

Trophy potential is outstanding. Pic attached is the buck I took the first year. I have NOT seen a buck or have any pictures of any other bucks of this caliber except him. They are there but not often. I typically have a couple P&Y bucks coming in each year.

The local park system owns land on 1 side of me and does not permit hunting. The neighbor on the other side does hunt some.

I bait with corn - which I only did for my girls to make it easier for them to hunt. You can stay at my house, borrow my truck and I can provide transportation to Cleveland Hopkins international airport 20 minutes away. You do not have to hunt over bait but success will be better. I have over 10 bucks that show up on camera every year. A 120" deer is extremely likely and 140" too. Over 150" are definitely around but very cautious. I would be a 180" plus deer crosses my land during daylight at least once a season but who knows when and where.

Price includes food, lodging at my house transportation etc. You can even use my crossbow - which is really powerful, deadly and extremely accurate.

I am more looking at someone who I think is a good guy and respectful far more then the money. I will have a wounding policy - draw blood on a buck and you are done.

$2,000 for a week. I strongly recommend 11/4-11/11. You can come back a couple times if needed.

I would also consider swapping this for ocean fishing.

I do not on a lot of land - only 8.2 acres - but my lot is almost a half mile deep so there are many places to hunt. Hunting is from treestands I set and I will provide pics of bucks who are coming in and if nothing is the caliber you want can refund money or push hunt a year.

Price includes as many does as you want and 1 buck.

I can send you the contact info for the guy who hunted my land last year - we swapped for a mule deer hunt in WY.

Email me for more info

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1. "RE: Ohio private land archery"

Is it possible to contact you? I would like to speak/meet with you regarding your offer.Based on description I may be close to you and am in one of the seven cities but have had a heck of a time getting permission! I would provide cell number but not good with computers and don't want to get needless calls. TThanks Jim

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