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TEXAS!!! Quail, Deer, Exotics, Hogs, Javalina!!!
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03:31 PM (MST)
"TEXAS!!! Quail, Deer, Exotics, Hogs, Javalina!!!"

We still have 2018 hunts available!

1. Quail hunts in Pecos County TX: Hunt Friday noon to Sunday noon, Includes lodging, does Not include food. $1000 per person. (We are covered up with quail this year)

2. All Inclusive Package Hunt: 3 days 3 nights with food and lodging...
Hunt for your choice of 1 “Free Range” (Axis, Blackbuck, Ram, Sika, or Whitetail) 2 hogs and unlimited predators and varmints for just $2,750 per hunter!!
NOTE: Aoudad/Fallow may be available with an additional $1000 harvest fee.

3. West Texas Whitetail/Muledeer: 4 day/3 night with food and lodging on an MLD Ranch in Pecos County, Whitetail and Trans Pecos Desert Muledeer available, Javalina included on all hunts...
1 Muledeer buck and 1 Muledeer doe - $4,500
1 Whitetail buck and 1 Whitetail doe - $3,500
!!!Combo Muledeer/Whitetail!!! - 1 buck of each species and 1 doe of each species, 5 days/4 nights all inclusive - $6,500

4. Hog Hunts: 3 days/2 nights with food,lodging and guide, price includes up to 4 hogs and unlimited predators and varmints... $750 per hunter (2 hunter minimum).

5. Javalina Hunts in Pecos County: 3 days/ 2 nights fully outfitted with food, lodging, and guide, price includes up to 2 javalina and unlimited predators and varmints... $750 per hunter (2 hunter minimum).

Call Today to Book your Spot!!!
Mark Harrington

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