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Trophy Bucks & Bulls
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"Trophy Bucks & Bulls"

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JP Vicente, of Big Chino Guide Service, has some great hunting opportunities available for 2015. He sent an email asking that I post this ad for him.


I wanted to pass on to you that we have secured a multi year agreement for Hunter Access on a 50,000 acre private ranch in northern Arizona. The ranch has proven to have a great Elk herd, Mule Deer and Antelope on it. The Ranch Border's the world famous Unit 10 on the northern fence and we have hunted it this past year on a trial basis to see what kind of wildlife it has on it.

With the Antelope it has proven to have had 90 inch Antelope bucks taken in previous years with the last one being killed there 2 seasons ago by a person that trespassed. Last year we saw 2 bucks in the 86-87 range that we will be keeping an eye on for this year.

The Mule Deer are great with having a healthy herd and most of the larger bucks over 170, a few 180-190 and 2 bucks we have seen that we feel would be pushing the 200 inch mark during the rut in this past January,

The elk herd has some decent bulls the best bull we saw there last year was 370, With most of the mature bulls 300-350. 4 years ago a 393 was killed there and in past 2 other bulls have been killed that have scored over 400 inches.

The access fee has been set at 7 day hunts $8500 per hunter. 1 on 1 Fully Outfitted and Guided for Deer and Elk, and $7,000 for Antelope.

One of the nice things we will offer will be OTC Deer Hunters can pay the access fee for the season but will have still have to be guided by us in order to hunt the ranch.

Visit Big Chino Guide Service's Website

Brian Latturner
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