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Moose Hunts with Bearpaw Outfitters

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"Moose Hunts with Bearpaw Outfitters"

Got an email from Dale over to Bearpaw Outfitters. Idaho moose apps are due April 30th. You all on this? Here are the hunt options he has available and what he sent over in his email..............

Guided $3950
Semi-Guided $1950
Unguided DIY Map $595

Idaho is one of the best moose hunting states and the draw odds are better than any other state with Shiras Moose. Bearpaw Outfitters are licensed to guide moose hunters in four hunting units 74, 75, 77, or 78, the odds of drawing a bull tag varies from 1 in 7 to 1 in 10 in those units, the odds of drawing a cow tag are even better. For hunters who may want to hunt on their own there are moose units with 30% to 100% draw odds that we could provide a DIY Map showing good hunt areas. But remember, if you want to do a guided hunt with Bearpaw Outfitters you will need to apply in the units where we offer guided hunts. During the 2016 Idaho season we had 5 guided moose hunters with 100% success. Please call or email if you have any questions?

License Fees
You must purchase a hunting license $154.75, pay the controlled hunt fee $14.75, and pay the tag fee $2101.75 when you apply. If you do not draw the tag fee will be refunded. Please call or email if you have any questions or need help applying?

Contact Dale at Bearpaw Outfitters
(509) 684-6294 or (208) 852-6494

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