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Spdrman's 2012 Adventures
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"Spdrman's 2012 Adventures"

I have high hopes for this year and its already off to a great start with a great Mt. Lion, Its been a tough year with the lack of snow but that wasnt going to slow me down from looking for tracks, on Jan 23 my good friend and hound hunting buddy T-man called me and said he was getting some snow and I should Grab my stuff and head down, so I gathered all my gear and loaded up my hound box to have everything ready in the morning 2:00 came early and the 2 hour drive to his place in a total white wasnt very fun either but I made it!! We met up with one of his friends and decided to split up to cover more country we cut a couple tracks with too much snow in them to run and his friend called and said he cut a huge track but it had some snow in it still, so we said we where going to check one more canyon which didnt have any tracks in it, when we got back to the truck T-man had a text saying his friends just had a lion jump across the road in front of them!! So we hurried over there. When we got there we decided to split up and go try and catch the bigger cat as well, Where my hound is still young and learning I decided it would be more productive for him to run the fresh track, so I grabbed him and some of T-manss pups and hopped in with his buddies, they said it wasnt a very big cat so I left my bow in T-mans truck, that was a mistake. We turned the young dogs out and they had him treed within 300 yards

When we got to the tree we realized it was a bigger cat than they thought and asked if I wanted to shoot him and I said I would love to but I didnt have my bow or video camera and wanted to get it on film

We decided to grab the dogs and go find the other guys and come back and shoot him with everyone there because we didnt think theyd catch the cat with as much snow was in the track, we find his truck and get on his friends atv and go looking for them, I left my bow in the truck again cuz 3 full grown guys on one atv is a full load, well we drive a few miles up the trail and find where they turned loose with a message in the snow on where they went, so we make it to the top of the mountain and where able to pick up the dogs on the GPS and they said treed!! 5 miles as a crow flies. So we start heading the direction and finally meet up with T-man and his other buddy and this is what we see in the tree

I didnt have my bow with me but they said it was an awesome cat and I've been hunting them hard for quite a few years now and have seen some good cats get shot, I had my video camera to record it and my .44 so I decided to take him

He is a great cat and a memory I'll never forget and I'm hoping this was just the begining of a great year for 2012

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