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Quest for the bigger one
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"Quest for the bigger one"

Although no tags were filled in 2011. I don't think there has been a year in which I am antisipating a chance at beating my personal best buck muley or bull elk. I'm in my second year of the dedicated hunter program in Utah, so I already have my hunting unit locked in for the next two years. I haven't been elk hunting since 2008 and the freezer is starting to get a little low now. My wife is demanding that I get out there and fill my tag this year. I sure have it rough. lol
Although I've never taken a buck with my bow, I'll still hold out for a 160"+ or one that really has that wow factor.
Here's my personal best muzzleloader buck, it scores 162"

Here's my best rifle buck, it's the one on the left and is 29" wide and scores 176"

Here's my 2008 bull I shot with a general any bull tag, it scored 265"

So the quest for a bigger one starts now.

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