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MY 2012 elk hunting advernture
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08:30 PM (MST)
"MY 2012 elk hunting advernture"

OK well here it is fellas.

It had been pretty quiet since I missed that bull a couple of weeks ago.
I hunted my normal area until Friday morning and after not seeing an elk for two weeks, I decided to move camp. So, I packed up everything and went about 50 miles north from where I was camped. This is the area where three years ago I had an encounter with a nice bull.

Anyway, Friday afternoon was a bust with nothing but motorcycles, ATV's, and gunfire going all around me.

I was hunting with Will Goldsmith from bino-pac, my bud Scott, and my oldest son Tristen.

That night we were sitting around the lantern enjoying some conversation when a bull bugled across the street. Then, another one blew right behind camp and then another one and another one.

So, we decided to turn off the lantern and hit the rack for hopes that they would be close in the morning.

At first light we were drinking coffee and a bull exploded right next to camp. Will and I went across the road and there he was, less than a hundred yards. HE started tearing up a tree and we made the sneak on him. Will was closer, so he was working his way towards him. The bull meandered off and will kept on him.

I decided to head back and try to outflank the bull.
Just as I reached the camper I heard a bull right behind camp. I took off running in the direction, which was two small ridges over. I started to hear a bunch of cow calls and I thought it might be a guy. So, I let out a monster bugle and started raking the tree right next to me with a big branch.
There were more cow calls and then a bugle. I thought, "This guy thinks I am a bull."
Well I started down the drainage and only got 20 yards when I saw a calf run in the bottom. I thought, "This aint no guy!"

I froze and let a cow call behind me. A cow started to walk up the ridge towards me (45 yards away). The bull now showed himself and started tearing up a small tree. Then, he looked up the hill and saw the cow coming to the bull that was screaming (me).

He made a B-line straight for her to push her back down and that is when I drew. When my bow came to full draw, my rest made a click sound. The bull froze in mid stride, but it was to late for him. At 35 yards, I let the arrow fly and I watched my arrow disappear right in the boiler room.

I immediately saw a huge red spot and sprays of blood. The bull ran across the bottom as I bugled. four seconds later there was a crash and I could hear him trying to breath. Done deal.

It all happened so fast and then the work began. Just goes to show you that patients is a virtue.

Now I hunt aggressively when I am out there and always rush in to elk to close the distance. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. However, today it did. Time of kill was 0740 in the morning!! Enjoy the rest of the pic's.


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