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Going for Broke 2012
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09:18 PM (MST)
"Going for Broke 2012"

Its March, snow has finally shown itself. Fresh 2 feet of snow is covering the wintering grounds. Bucks and Elk still carrying their antlers. Its going to be a late shed season this year.
Still to early to put in for tags in my home state, but Wyoming is up! I'm hoping to finally draw a Buck Antelope tag. In years past i have stricktly hunted doe Antelope. Great learning experience, good meat, and fun to hunt!
This year I am hoping to focus more on archey elk and deer hunts. I have a new area to scout out for deer. After looking over a topo map and talking to locals it sounds like a great place to bow hunt. I hope to seal the deal on my first archery buck.

Good luck to all of you on your future hunts. May it be one fun filled fantastic year!!

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