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My first deer & first scope kiss
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"My first deer & first scope kiss"

The last 3 years I've been deer hunting with my (now) husband in the general mule deer unit in our hometown, Logan, Utah. In those 3 seasons, I've seen less than 5 deer; doe included. We've spent many early mornings hiking throughout our mountains, freezing overnights under the stars, sitting in the cold, hoping to spot deer. Any deer. I've never shot a deer before, so I was looking for anything with horns. The last day of the hunt we were headed to another new spot, and right at light we spotted 2 4-points at about 50 yards. There was less than 15 seconds between the first spotting and the fire of my gun; soon followed by a shower of my own blood. I got scoped. Two firsts in 1 morning- and I'd take my scope wound 100 times over for my experience & beautiful deer.

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