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I can feel the season upon us!

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09:48 PM (MST)
"I can feel the season upon us!"

As I sit & stir about the season to be, I now find myself focusing more on what is to come rather than the task on hand. Not working less or giving less of a quality job to my customers, just in a better mood. As luck would have it, I think I got the work & hunting schedule down thru mid December. Anyone that runs their own show knows this does not happen often.

Looking forward to a 5 day B zone archery deer hunt in Aug. Then back to same B zone in Sept for a quality 9+ day hunt. Gotta love Cali still if not for the 2 deer tags we are able to purchase.

Then off to Colorado in late October mule deer/otc bull elk hunt.
I have been hunting in Colorado off & on for 20 years or so, but now every year for elk while I scout for deer. The State of Colorado just seems to be getting better & Better.

Still waiting on the northern Arizona Drawing & tag that should come soon (next 5-10 years if you call that soon). If the Deer Gods shine I will leave Colorado & head straight to Northern AZ for a few weeks of scouting til opener. TBD

If all is normal & no Az tags come up, I will finish out the year hunting Archery for rutting blacktails in Southern Oregon.

I hope all of you have your hunting calendar in check. I bet we all would love to hear about what's on TAP. I would also bet everyone would love to hear about the season everyone had.

Any way Good luck this year!


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