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First year in Utah
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"First year in Utah"

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Welcome to my first hunt in Utah. A recent work transfer moved my family to Utah and the scouting began during March after a football injury sidelined me.
I wasn't familiar with Utah at all so what better way to learn the areas than to just start hiking them!!
I was a little bummed to find out that unlike my previous home, many people in Utah like to pound the hills. I started on local Wasatch trails and quickly learned even though it was cold without a lot of snow, nothing deterred the hikers.. lesson learned!
I began to hit the GPS for other areas that may not be quiet so accessible. Not much luck when it comes to the Front.
I did get some good horse riding in Avon while the road was closed off... well kinda closed off. It didn't stop a private land owner from accessing the gated area.. I found a nice Moose shed set. He initially accused me of trespassing until my GPS stated otherwise.. thank goodness for land chips!
He offered me 100.00 bucks for the sheds.. yeah, not happening! haha

I did make a trip out to the Echo WMA.. I was disgusted when opening morning came and I watched a group of horses riders make there way to a stash they had created while the WMA was closed. They soon came out with over 50 sheds strapped to a pack horse and several other sheds on the horses they were riding. Talk about a major blow considering I hiked all day and found 8 old sheds.
I saw DWR out there but not sure who or what they were looking for. I hope they nailed the shed poachers.

While i was in the area, i did come across where lightening had hit a group of pine trees and created a neat ring and burn marks around the base of the trees. The ground was hard as a rock where the lightening had hit.

Now spring football is in full swing and I am sitting #5 in the country in punting it has taken more of my time than I had anticipated. I never thought I'd be punting this well so I am gong to continue to work hard and hopefully make All American this season!

A break in the rain would help as well!!

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