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Wasatch-West 2015 Hunt Adventure
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"Wasatch-West 2015 Hunt Adventure"

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My son wanted to fill a deer tag before going for elk. He went with me last year (first time hunting Muley in 27 years).

We hunted the Wasatch-West for three days before bagging my first Muley. He is hooked, and I am anxious to get further in and go for 'The Big One'.

This year, we are planning to get up earlier to our area and pack in a mile or two off the road after setting up a base-camp. Since we both drew separate tags for the area (not as a group) it will be extra fun as we each scout out our buck. His goal is to get a bigger buck than mine.

Scouting has already started, mostly using Google maps and in order to look at the whole area around our planned base-camp to find the nooks and springs we didn't last year. We'll bet out all next week so I'll post any pics.

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