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202 5/8 Monster Sask. Moose
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09:03 AM (MST)
"202 5/8 Monster Sask. Moose"

13 years of of applying in a zone my brother and I grew up in and finely got it done and it was well worth the wait!
It seems the big bulls like to go deep in the swamps this year and thats right where we got him, cursed the waist deep beaver runs on the way in but it was sure nice when we could float him out in one deep run.
Having family and good friends along to help out sure makes a hunt like this very special and some great memories for a lifetime.

We had Hennery Kelsey scorer(Greenscore)put the tape to him Wednesday Oct. 7th came in at 202 5/8 and after seeing the score he decided to hold the antlers for one more day and have a HK panel rescore him that night. I'm hoping he will go at least 200 B&C after the 60 days!
He is a true beast for the area we hunt in!

The field picís I have just donít do him justice but this one shows is fronts a little better!

Don't die dreaming

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