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DIY Colorado Buck
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"DIY Colorado Buck"

Took this nice buck in Colorado in a limited entry early season draw. I have hunted this area for at least 18 years. Have taken many nice Muleys out of it. This one is really nice. 39 inches wide, 214 gross score.

This hunt is a true get out and get way back in the wilderness and spend lots of time behind a spotting scope. Killed this buck on the 6th day of the hunt. First spotted it on the previous day, however it was late and could not get to him before dark. Did not have to worry about other hunters getting him. In the last 18 years I have only seen 2 other hunters in the area. Not everyone wants to go back 7 miles from the trailhead and hunt. I take my two horses and pack back in and have the entire wilderness to myself. Well anyway on the next day after spotting this buck I started looking for him in the morning and could not locate him. I decided to change vantage points to continue my search. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I started walking we both lock eyes at the same time. He is across the basin about a 1000 yards. I only seen him because he stood up when he saw me. I sat down and did not move for the next 4 rain and sleet filled hours. Finally the clouds got thick enough that I could move again. I made for the other side of the ridge, out of his view. Well 2 hours later I was 350 yards above him. Waited what seemed like forever for him to get up. He stood up, big white butt pointing right at me. I waited for him to move, when he presented that broadside shot I took it. Piled up and did not take a step.

He will hang on the wall next to what I am sure is a buck with the same genetics. Taken from the same area.

Take the shot if it is ethical, let it walk if it is not!!!

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